Friday, July 11, 2014

Two Years

     This is going to be a sappy post. Proceed with caution.

     Two years ago today, Wolfy asked me to be his girlfriend. We were living 1686 miles apart (according to Mapquest), he was seven years older than me, and my family is full of jerks who would find a flaw if I managed to solve world hunger. We had been friends, best friends, for nearly two years at that point. I already loved him, so of course you can guess my answer (or you know it, or you read the title...)

     In the two years that we were friends, he kept me sane and got me through some of the darkest times in my life, without even knowing it until later. He made me laugh and he reminded me that there was something to be hopeful for, that things can get better. He made me realize that if I didn't keep fighting to get to the light at the end of the tunnel, then there was somebody out there who would miss me.

     He was the person that I talked to about different ideas, about school, about work, about problems with my family. Sure, I had Brother and Sissi, but this was an entirely different relationship and it meant that I was being supported by somebody who wasn't related or "related" to me.

     After we got together, he only continued to make me more and more happy. Everything he had done before increased by a hundred.

     In my family, there is a history of friendship turning into relationships/living together/marriage that then turns into abuse, adultery, lying, betrayal, and those involved being damaged for years. I've always been terrified of that, but Wolfy said that he would prove it wrong. He would be the person to prove that not all relationships have to be like that and that I would never have anything to be scared of with him. I've been living with him since last November 17th, almost 8 months now, and he's kept his word. He's proven my family history wrong and has never given me a single reason to think that he would go back on his word.

     I get angry, bitchy, sarcastic, emotional, even mean at times. I am certainly not the easiest person to get along with, much less live with. I joke about how people must be crazy to put up with me as a friend, but I'm actually amazed that I've been his girlfriend for two years.

     He's sweet, thoughtful, intelligent, romantic, funny, and kind. (And cute. I was talking about non-physical qualities, but whatever, he's a good looking guy and deserves to be told. By me or his family. Other girls can just back the fuck off.)

     While I'm being moody, he's always cheering me up. He goes out of his way to make me laugh, to make me smile, to make sure that I'm taking care of myself. He's always putting me before himself. When I was sunburned earlier this year, he was taking care of me, even though he was sick with fevers. Then a few weeks later, he took care of me again when I was sick with fevers.

     I never thought I would be lucky enough to find somebody like him and I question why, out of everyone else in the world, I get to be that lucky person. I don't have an answer, but I damn sure won't forget it or take it for granted. I'm too thankful to have him in my life and I'm too thankful that we've made it two years together.

     Happy anniversary.

P.S. To my mom's friend who yelled at me for moving for an hour and told me that I would be back with my mom in a month, fuck you. I told you that you were wrong and I have never been more happy to prove that to somebody.


  1. That's not sappy. It's sweet. You broke the chain, and I'm glad you're happy. Sometimes a move can be the best possible thing for us. I added another (homemade) video to my blog after you visited. You might want to see it. I hope it will make you laugh.


    1. I think this is the best move that I ever made. I am really happy with him.

      Also, I'll check it out after work. I have to go make myself look awake and like I have eyes (read: lots of makeup).

  2. Happy Two Year Anniversary! I'm so happy that you have such a great guy!

    1. Thank you! I'm happy too. I'm pretty lucky.

  3. Some people can spend their whole lives not being able to find someone as good for them as Wolfy is for you. Congratulations and happy anniversary!

    1. And to think I found him when I was 18! Thank you, guys.

  4. Happy Anniversary! He sounds wonderful. Many years of happiness to the two of you.