Friday, August 15, 2014

Life Updates

     This post is really just going to be what the title says. Updates. I've had a lot going on and I haven't really shared anything with ya'll so here it is, I guess.

     Since my restaurant job was (and still is) only giving me two-three shifts a week, I was considering getting a second job. Then one day, I literally made enough to buy a soda, so I said, "Fuck this, I'm going to get a second job". Except I texted that to my friend and didn't actually say it, because I didn't want to be fired. Well, I walked around the mall getting applications and saw a sign in a store that they were hiring, so to go in and speak with the manager. Fifteen minutes later, I was walking out and on the schedule to start three days later.

     The second job is in a shoe/accessory store. I work by myself almost constantly and I get very bored. Unless it's busy, there's not really a lot to do. I'm used to fast paced work from being in restaurants so being in the shoe store is weird for me, even though its been about six weeks or so. With both jobs, I either end up with one day off a week or no days off at all. Yesterday is my first and only day off in two weeks.

     Besides working, I've also been wanting to pull my hair out because we are stuck with Roommate for another year. A whole. Fucking. Year. I got the new job about a week too late for us to be able to move into a new apartment. Not only that, but the only available apartments were third floor and we wanted first floor. To top it off, just to have my name on the lease, they want to charge $165 for a background check. My name isn't on the lease.

     Roommate now has a girlfriend. I told Wolfy that I give it two weeks, tops. She's been over a few times and has said a total of four words to me. I said, "Oh hi, it's nice to meet you". She said, "You too". That was all when I met her. When I saw her again, I was washing dishes and she had her phone on the counter. I head it vibrating but she didn't, so I said, "I think you're phone is going off". She said, "Thank you". Beyond that, she gives me a dirty look every time I walk into the room, so that's nice.

     Does anyone remember when I bitched about getting the 4S phone instead of a new one? I said that, just like the 3G, because it was a $1 sale phone it was going to be shit within the year and that I just wanted a couple more weeks so that I could buy a new one but my grandma wouldn't let me. Well, my mom has the same phone. Her's is dead. Literally. The phone will not charge what so ever. She's tried two different chargers and taken it to the Apple store. The only thing they can do is sell her a new 4S for $200. Nobody has $200 for a shit phone that already broke once.

     The only way we can talk, is because she now has a Facebook account. My dad is an ass, for those of you who don't know. His family are all asses. But they're my friends on Facebook so I know when they get married or have a kid (literally- its the only way I stay updated). So I just spent the past two hours trying to get my mom's password correctly and then updating all the security settings to block my dad, but also keep it so only friends can see basically everything.

     The problem is, my aunts constantly make new accounts and then add me so I can't keep up with it to make sure that everyone is blocked. So I've been trying to make sure that nothing my mom says will show her location or any personal info, but not bothering to block them. It's a pain in the ass. I've been signing onto her account every few hours to make sure nothing can be seen that shouldn't be seen. One aunt, who doesn't have much to do with my dad's family but still has ties to her sisters (the sisters are all adopted into the family, they can't be trusted but they can't be fully blamed), has already contacted and has been looking for her for a few years. Why she didn't just contact me and ask me to put them in touch, I have no idea.

     Now, I guess, I need to write up the second post for my Tough Topics series. Already. I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since the debut post. I do want to thank you all for being so kind about your opinions in the comments. I think it's off to a good start and I'd like for it to just get better.

     Just before I could hit publish, Roommate walked in with his girlfriend. One more week and we'll see if my two week prediction lasts. You're welcome to leave suggestions for her nickname. Nothing derogatory. She probably doesn't know better yet.


  1. Well, you could always call the new girlfriend "Temporary."
    The Aunt whack-a-mole game is difficult, especially with particularly driven deranged relatives. One of my coworkers had a mom she didn't want any contact with, and this mom went as far as to figure out who her coworkers were, and created an account for one of the accountants. Obviously this ruse fell apart quickly, but only after the mom's request (masquerading as the accountant) got in, and mad screenshots of everything and copied all of her pictures. Relatives can be weirdoes.

    1. Ha! That's a nice suggestion!

      Oh gosh. I don't put anything passed my dad. If he wants something, I have no doubt he'll do whatever he wants to get it. Right now, I'm just trying to supervise things as closely as possible and getting a couple of my friends to help when I'm at work. It's beyond stressful.

  2. Oi! So much work to deal with Facebook. I like Temporary for the girlfriend, but The Temp might be better, or the Intern.


  3. OMG, family can be the worst. That and friends who are both MY friends but can't stand each other and get all snarky on my threads. You'll see. My Dad has forbidden my mom from having fb because she just couldn't undertand it and her questions were driving him nuts. I tried to give her lessons, too, but she couldn't remember from one day to the next...she does have memory I agreed with my Dad. So at least I don't have to worry about them. They read my blog though, but I figure I am who I am and I'm 49 years old. At what point am I a grown-up who doesn't have to get crap for what I do? I feel like I'm still waiting for that day.
    Girlfriend? The slob has a girlfriend? I'm surprised. Nickname...hmmm...Temp and Intern are both excellent. Maybe the Candidate? "I'm trying out for the part.". I think two weeks is generous...
    Tina @ Life is Good
    On the Open Road! @ Join us for the 4th Annual Post-Challenge Road Trip!

    1. I'll have to go look. I have snarky friends too and I've been snarky with people. I don't start full out Facebook wars but I won't sit back and just take shit either.

      I'm still seen as a kid because I'm only 20. I think that's stupid since I'm living like an adult more than some people twice my age, but whatever, the opinions of people who think I'm a dumb kid isn't important.

      hahahaha I like that one too. I think I'm going to keep a list of all of these and use them as he has girls over. Which is incredibly rare. My theory is that she didn't know what she was getting into but after two weeks of seeing his nasty ass room and stuff, she should know better.

  4. Having an iPhone AND Facebook? Man, talk about a glutton for punishment. The iPhone 4S is the coolest phone on the planet that never works ("Siri - send a text that actually goes through to the recipient, then make a call that doesn't drop, then open an app without crashing." Siri: I'm sorry, Bryan, I can't do that). On top of that, Facebook is the devil. When it's not trying to steal every bit of information about you that it can, it's willfully sharing that information with all of your malicious family members.

    Guy who has iPhone 4S and Facebook family woes and feels your pain

    1. Bryan, I'm so sorry. The struggle is so real, especially when combined. It's bad enough to have a 4S and a Facebook but using Facebook on a 4S is just straight out painful. One day, they'll give therapy for those of us who have suffered so.