Thursday, February 19, 2015

Can This Be A Super Late Halloween Post?

     My co-workers are absolutely convinced that our store is haunted.

     You may remember me mentioning some weird things happening in the store last August, when my lovely friend Tina sadly passed away. (I won't link to that post because that's like self-promotion on a topic that should not be shamelessly self-promoted.)

     I found out before I opened one morning and got there early to mop and count the registers. But first, I turned on the music and the lights. I was the only one there and the gate was still shut. As I was mopping, a song came on, and I thought, "Tina would have hated this song" and the radio just shut itself off. This is back when my hair was red, there was a little boy staring at one of our mirrors. He kept saying, "There's a blonde lady there!" but his parents were both brunette and nobody else was in the store.

     That was all odd enough, but I wasn't really scared.

     Some time around then, I was helping a customer in the back of the store. Nobody else was there and I felt somebody grab my shoulder, hard. I screamed and turned around, but nobody was there. The customers left and my shoulder hurt pretty bad for about an hour or so. I had no idea why that happened, but on the off chance, I said, "Tina, if that was you, please don't do that again. That hurt and scared me, and other people." I've never been touched again. That being said, I honestly don't believe that was Tina.

     But things kept happening.

     Purses, hats, and shoes fly off the shelves. One time, a hat almost hit a customer and they rushed out of the store. The music shuts itself off two to four times throughout the day. The volume on the music changes on its own. The computer screen will be black and then it acts like the mouse moves, because it suddenly lights up. It can be after closing, but you'll hear men and children in our store (which only sells women's shoes and is empty at the time). Almost every morning I open, I see and smell smoke coming in from the security doors in the back that nobody can get to without a key, or the alarm sounds. I've never found a cause for it. There are cold spots all over the place and the storage room is always fucking freezing.

     One girl said that she was closing and actually saw something. She was counting the register closest to the back and said a black shape rushed by her, which touched her legs to the point it sent chills up her body. She said she didn't even believe in ghosts until that point.

     Another girl said she saw a sort of black orb moving around in the back of the store. She said it was really fast and just appeared and vanished.

     A third girl refuses to take the trash out through the back of the store or go in there when the lights were all off because she's convinced somebody is watching her.

     A fourth girl said that she can't look in the mirrors in the store because she feels like she sees things rushing between them. Like, she doesn't see anything  in the actual store, just in the mirrors themselves.

     A fifth girl said that she hates our bathroom, because our mirror feels like there's somebody staring back at you from the other side or that there's somebody standing right behind you when you look into it. (I'm gonna have to agree with that feeling. It's creepy to use our bathroom.)

     A sixth girl just says that the back of the store and the storage room are creepy.

     Girls number seven and eight haven't had any input yet, not to me at least.

     The thing was, none of us ever talked about it until about two weeks ago. None of them spoke to each other about it until after the fact. I was being asked about the history of our store, about the history of the area, if I had seen anything weird. Then I was finding out why. The more I found out, the more questions I asked the other girls.

     I believe them, purely because of something that happened about three weeks ago and I hadn't told anyone:

     When I was mopping that last corner of the store, the back where I was grabbed and where I was when the music shut off and where the door to the back room is, I saw something. I went up to the end of the last aisle and I was working my way back to the door. The hair on the back of my neck stood up but I was alone and the store wasn't open, so I stopped and I looked around.

     I saw a figure crouching behind the end of the aisle. When I looked, it moved back behind the aisle out of sight. I was unnerved but, to be honest, it's not the first weird thing I've had happen so I kept mopping. (I was on a time limit to finish mopping so the floors would be dry before I opened the gate.) Then I felt it again, so I looked around, and that crouching figure was looking back at me.

     I fully believe that if he/she/it wanted to hurt me, it would have happened. Sure, my shoulder was grabbed, but I don't think I was meant to actually be hurt. Whatever was watching me, was acting almost scared to be seen. Like it was trying to see if I was the danger.

     What I can say, is that I am very curious to know the history of the land here.

     Also, we're moving locations for our store sometime this month. And no, I won't be doing any "ghost-hunting" or anything like that. Because fuck that, I wouldn't want anyone trying to catch me on camera or trying to ask me "what is your name, why are you here?"


  1. Wow, I'd be curious to know the land history, too. Seems like way too much happening to way too many people for it all to just be weird coincidences. And no, I would definitely not think anything that left your shoulder hurting would be Tina.

    Just remember, you weren't the only one with positive Tina experiences! I still think back on that and smile.

    1. Tina was an amazing, kind person. I don't know if she even had the ability to hurt a bug, much less a person. I know everyone who knew her misses her as much as I do.

  2. Moving the store might be the best thing that's ever happened. I'm not usually into anything haunted, but you have a pretty convincing story. Be safe!

    1. I'm not scared and the girls aren't either. It's only been customers that have gotten frightened so far. We pack and move tomorrow though!