Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Q is for Quit

     No I don't mean quitting the Challenge, though this post is a few hours late.

     Today I'm telling the story of when I quit my last job.

     First, understand that this job was so horrible that I was making $10 or less a day, working 2-3 mornings a week. Because I wasn't allowed to be seated with tables and they wouldn't let me work nights, when people actually want to go eat steak and drink beer.

     They constantly cut my hours because my alcohol sales were lower than anyone else's who worked Saturday nights, except I was still at the top for all the morning shift people (bartender excluded). One time, they let me work one Saturday, and my sales increased drastically and they kept saying how impressed they were, and then they cut my hours to one morning the next week.

     They constantly screamed at me to the point that I left in tears a few times. (Related note: Don't scream at people. They could have very traumatic memories that make it hard for them to handle.)

     Right before my birthday, my second job offered to increase my house, my pay, and give me a promotion if I would quit the restaurant and work full time. They explained the downfall: less time at home, more responsibility, not being able to be demoted if I wasn't cut out for it, lots more stress.

     I jumped on it. They tried to give me time to think and I was like, "No, I'll quit my other job tomorrow. I just need to give them my two weeks." They said, of course, I could even take three weeks if the restaurant needed to replace me.

     So I went to the restaurant the next day and said, "Hi {asshole manager everyone wants to kick in the dick}, I need to talk to you whenever you have a minute." He said, "I have a minute now."

     "I'm putting in my two weeks notice today. My other job has offered me a promotion and a raise, but it requires me to go full time and I won't be able to make this job a priority, like it deserves." I said.

     "Sure, I need a hand written and signed copy of what you just said."

     I wasn't expecting that. I didn't need that when I quit my first job to move out to Arizona. They had actually liked me and tried to call me in after I quit though.

     "Oh, I didn't realize that. I don't have any paper with me." I told him, looking at the two notepads and several stacks of binders surrounding him. I didn't want to have to waste my time for another trip the day after.

     "Bring it in tomorrow." He said, and walked away.

     Asshole, I want to kick you in the dick...wearing boots...with spikes...made of lava...and cactus needles... I thought. 

     When I arrived at my other job a little bit later, I gave my boss the update. He looked so confused. I tried to explain but I wasn't going to throw an employer under the bus. He seemed to understand though.

     The next day, I left the note with the manager and walked out. They didn't schedule me at all the next week and I didn't even bother to check the second week. I just told my boss, who is still my current boss, that I was available any time and I was (and still am) incredibly thankful for the opportunity.

     Last Saturday, I ran into a hostess I used to work with. When I told her my story, she said, "I was hired at my new job and planned to give two weeks, but they needed me on emergency so I called. I tried to thank him for the opportunity and he hung up on me." She said.

     "I won't even go back to eat now." I told her.
     "Neither would I. I'm scared they would yell at me." She said.

     "Hell, I'm scared they would spit in my food." I responded.

     "ME TOO!" 

     And at that moment, it was really confirmed that it wasn't all in my head and I wasn't overreacting. Because one of the three or four nice people there, felt the exact same that I did.

     The end.


  1. I've mentioned to a few people that I have a friend who was treated badly while working at a restaurant. A couple of them who have been servers said, THAT'S A HORRIBLE PLACE TO WORK, and they weren't even talking about your particular location. I really like the idea of a kick in the dick.


    1. It was horrible while working there. In the time I worked there until I quit, somewhere between 15 and 20 people left, that I know of. Including the only nice manager, who started about two weeks before I did.