Sunday, April 26, 2015

V is for Villains

     Tony and I went to the movies today.

     The first movie we saw was True Story. It was my choice because I heard it was good.

     The acting was great by half the actors and lacking by the other half. But the story was real.

     It's about a recently fired journalist who is trying to get his life back together and a guy who was pretending to be said journalist (before the firing, of course) who was arrested with the accusations of killing his wife and three children.

     I won't give any spoilers but don't watch if you're extremely sensitive or emotional. There were a couple scenes that put me into tears because it was a based on a true story.

     The second move was The Kingsman. Tony picked that one.

     The acting was great. The storyline was odd and they broke the fourth wall a lot, however it was done well and very funny. The villainy was just so weird though.

     Basically, the movie is about this kid who's dad was a Kingsman but died in action, so the friend of the dad is trying to give that kid a second chance by offering him a place with that opens up. Also, a Kingsman is basically a British spy gentleman (or lady). Be warned, there is a lot of gore and a girl butt, so don't go if you're not into seeing that.

     While my suggestion was so much more believable, his suggestion was supposed to sound insane. It mostly did, but they included so many actual events and facts, that it was almost educational during the process. My movie was surprisingly less educational, except about the people's lives and maybe a grammar lesson, despite it being a true story.

     We have decided to let Tony pick the movies from now on. While mine brought on all the feels, it was actually extremely depressing and sad. While his brought on all the laughs, there were so parts that were so stupid I cringed.

     Either way, both movies were very good. I would be able to suggest going to see both, depending on what you can handle.


  1. I'm going to legally change my name to Master of Movie Picker... Outer...
    Sir Best Movie Suggestions?
    Mr. Cinema Guide?

    Anyways, I prefer the girl butt over the guy dick scene from Get Hard (I'm talking about this, for those of you who weren't aware: ). You have to at least agree with me there.

    1. You may be good at movie picking but your name picking needs some work.

      Also, I completely agree. Her butt was less traumatizing than his dick. I'm a bit jealous of her tbh.

  2. I'm just here for the girl butt.

    I liked Kingsman. Yeah, it was over the top and ridiculous at times, but it was still a fun, unique movie.

    I just can't watch depressing movies. I like using a movie as a pick me up. So there's nothing worse than seeing a really depressing movie and then feeling sad the entire rest of the weekend.

    1. Her butt was better than when Kim Kardashian "broke the internet".

      If I watch a sad movie, I have to do something to cheer myself up or I will stay thinking about it for far too long. Especially in a true story movie. Sad facts are worse than sad fictions.

  3. They sound good. I think I would prefer your choice. Uh-oh. Franklin is shaking his head. All too often that means an ear infection, but he has never had one in his years with me. I hope he doesn't now.


    1. My choice was very good. There is a book about it, actually. I haven't read it but you may enjoy it.

  4. I'd go to either of these, I think. Overall, I love a true story of any kind and I prefer a biography to fiction.

    1. I would watch either again, though my choice would require a follow-up cheering up session and my brother's choice would require not eating or drinking to avoid choking.