Saturday, December 26, 2015

My Twitter Shitstorm

     Merry Everything!!!

     Let me tell you the most un-holiday-ish story that I have right now, since I'm sure you're all sick of the holiday related posts. Plus, who doesn't learning about a good shitstorm?

     It all started when my boyfriend heard about this new show on Netflix called F Is For Family. He didn't know anything about it but heard it was supposed to be a comedy, so we decided to check it out a few nights ago.

     By the end of the first episode, I literally felt sick to my stomach because of how horrible it was. It wasn't just that it wasn't funny, but it was the simple fact that abuse, racism, homophobia, and general shittiness were being called "comedy". My boyfriend had already fallen asleep since he had gone to work at 4 in the morning so I took to Twitter to say how awful it was.

     And then I went to sleep, since you can clearly see it was after midnight when I tweeted.

     After much internal debate, I decided that I'll share all the responses that I've gotten since then, including their Twitter handle. Because all it would take would be to go to my Twitter and you'll find them anyways.

     The next morning, after thinking my Tweet would be completely ignored, this happened.

     You'd think that would be the end of it, right? I blocked him so it's over, yeah? NOPE. Guess again, mothafuckas.

     Today, this happened.

     That's just as of now, actually. But I would like to address a few points now that you know the story.

     F Is For Family is supposed to be a comedy show. It's whole purpose is to make you laugh. It's not supposed to educate you on how things used to be. One of the people involved in the show literally states that people are only ever offended if its their group that's being targeted.

     I beg to differ.

     I am not only disgusted by the show because it promotes abuse, but I'm disgusted by the show because it shows homophobia. I'm a heterosexual female. I shouldn't care because I'm not gay, right? It's also racist against anyone who isn't white. Wanna guess my skin color? I'll give you a hint: I'm pale enough I have literally glowed in the dark.

     "Oh it just shows another point in time."

     No, it makes light of the shit that people are still coping with today. Do you want to go up to an elderly black man and make a joke about slavery? Do you want to go up to a rape victim and make a joke about sexual harassment? Then why would you put it on TV?

     The main argument is that "That's not what the show is going for". It is a comedy show that takes place in 1973, the year my mom was born, and shows nothing but disgusting ways to treat other humans.

     "Well you don't complain about war movies so you don't actually care!" I don't complain about things that seriously show horrific things because they're trying to bring understanding to the situation. Pretty sure a war veteran with PTSD is also going to know in advance not to watch a movie about Vietnam and blowing shit up. But somebody just looking for an alleged comedy show? They might click on F Is For Family without knowing the bullshit they're about to see.

     But if you want to laugh at abuse, the LGBTQ+ community, and all non-white people because "It's showing how things used to be so it's okay to make fun of all these people who are probably suffering life long consequences!" then I have no respect for you and I'm ashamed that we are even the same species.

     Long story short: Don't support or promote abuse, bullying, homophobia, xenophobia, racism, sexism, or anything else that is just plain hateful. Especially under the guise that "It's just comedy!" or "It's just a show!"

     Oh, and I lost 5 Twitter followers about all this.

     Good riddance.


  1. Never heard of the show, but it doesn't sound like a show I would like, and those 5 Twitter followers you lost you can do without it is their loss not yours.

    1. The show is awful. I'm fully supportive of people watching for themselves to decide but I also know that I'm right or I wouldn't have blasted it on Twitter.

      Good riddance to those followers. They support the idea that abuse is comedy so I want them gone anyways.

  2. I agree. I don't watch shows that promote horrendous behavior. If enough people stop watching, they'll quit producing such things.

    1. I sincerely hope that happens. When I'm old, I want to look back and be proud of what my generation created for the next generation after us. So far, all I've got to say is, "Cool! Gay marriage is a thing! Too bad people are still trying to deny it."

  3. I read this earlier but didn't have a chance to comment until now (damn holidays!). I was surprised to see you post this. I like some of Bill Burr's stand up, and had only loosely heard of this show. I thought it might be worth watching at some point. But then you posted this.

    For random Internet strangers, this also needs some context. I mean, you like our blog. We post some off-color shit. We know you're not easily offendable or overly PC. So if you say this show is wildly offensive, well, then we're inclined to believe you.

    1. That means a lot, guys. For real.

      There's a difference between obvious jokes where everyone involved ends up laughing and threatening to harm your children "because it's funny". I'm not a fan of Family Guy or American Dad, but I can at least see the humor in those. I watched 3 episodes of F Is For Family because I didn't feel like it would be fair to have such a strong opinion without giving it much of a chance, but the thought that it could be funny never even crossed my mind.

      If you want to watch it yourselves to gather your own opinion, go for it. I would be interested on your take since you're comedic writers.

      But for real, thank you for having my back without even questioning it.