Monday, January 11, 2016

Christmas From Janie

     I'm sure you've heard a lot about Accent Gem Designs from the amazing Janie Junebug (aka my blog mom). But sit your ass down so I can tell you a little bit more.

     Michele makes every piece of jewelry, by hand. When it is sent out, it is wrapped up perfectly. I'm talking like perfect family Christmas movie kind of perfect. I've never seen gift wrapping that nice and I had paid to have a present wrapped for my store's Secret Santa this year. I didn't even want to open it because the wrapping alone was fucking art.

     But I opened it anyways. Because it's Janie's Christmas present to me and fuck yeah I wanna know what it is. I want to say that the presents were custom made for me, but I'm not sure on that, so I won't say that. I do know for a fact that they were custom chosen for me, by my lovely blog mom.

     This is me modeling the first piece. You'll have to ignore the yellow-y lighting. The only place to get good lighting in my pictures is outside but it's been raining for the past week so this will have to do.

     My favorite color is purple and all of my jewelry has silver in it somewhere, so this matches perfectly with everything else that I wear. It's made out of amethyst and silver.

     Did you know that amethyst is supposed to protect you from psychic attacks, negative energy, and alleviate sadness/grief? Because I didn't. I did learn it with the printed paper Michele sent with the bracelet, telling me all about the stone. It does a shitton more than that, but you'll just have to order yourself an amethyst piece to find out.

     You'll have to ignore the identical fucking pose, because you have no idea how hard it is to model a bracelet and get a good enough picture that you can see what it is. And also the yellow-y light. Because it won't stop fucking raining.

     This bracelet is made out of turquoise and red bamboo coral.

     As gorgeous as it is, I don't own a lot of clothing in those colors, but I think it'll really pop if I wear a white top or all black. I wore dark blue and it still seemed to go nicely. Considering I wear mostly black, I can still get a lot of use out of it.

     Turquoise is supposed to be good for protection. Apparently, it's one of the oldest known protection amulets. It's said to work really well with the red bamboo coral, which is why they're so commonly paired together (meanwhile, I thought it was the lovely contrast in colors). The coral is another stone used for protection, but is also supposed to basically calm you the fuck down. Which we all know I need. It's said to be good for calming the temper and compulsive disorders.

     I actually found it fascinating to learn about the different gems and what people believe about them. Enough so, that I would like to research it more on my own. I don't know whether or not its true, but the day that I wore the amethyst one, I didn't get that creepy feeling of being watched in my store and the day I wore the turquoise/coral one, I didn't have a random outburst of anger or frustration. So who knows. Coincidence? Quite possibly. But it's nice to wonder.

     Plus, the quality of the bracelets is amazing. I'm very clumsy and I tend to hit my arms/wrists all over the place, but there wasn't a single bit of damage.

     The bracelets really aren't as big as they look in the pictures either. They're average size, they could easily fit somebody with slightly thicker wrists or somebody with average wrists. I have very thin wrists and I was still never worried that they might be too loose and fall off, which is a big reason why I rarely wore bracelets before. Besides the whole, I might break them thing.

     I've never spoken to Michele and I get absolutely nothing out of this, besides promoting a business that I believe does truly good work.

     Besides, Janie likes her, so you know she must be good!

     Before I go, I do want to thank Janie for my Christmas presents. They are absolutely gorgeous and I love them very much, just as I love you very much, blog mom!

     Please check out both Janie and Michele. They're linked in the very first paragraph. I promise that they are worth it!


  1. Your bracelets are lovely! Janie is a wonderful person, and so thoughtful! You'll have to let us know if the gems do anything to calm you down. I wonder if there is any truth to all of that.

    1. I think I'm going to do a full on expirament, just to see what happens!

    2. I think that if the gems don't have "real" healing powers, then it's a matter of us accepting with our minds that they're good for us. The mind is very powerful. Belief is very popular.

    3. I'm sure they help people some how, it's just a matter of which how it is. It could be a placebo effect, but maybe they are some how almost magical and most people just don't believe anymore.

  2. What an adorable post, my babyla. The bracelets were custom made for YOU and are called The Rachel Collection. Michele is cool. You are cool. I am kind of chilly because it's only 55 degrees, and it's Florida, that's pretty cold.


    1. My comment was supposed to say "and in Florida, that's pretty cold." I have trouble with words. That's why I write and edit.

    2. I also have trouble with words. I'm unsure why I'm allowed to make sales lol.

      I had to text my mom because of the bracelets. I told her all about them, but your comment made me almost cry (on my break) because the gift is just so thoughtful and heartfelt that I just can't handle it.

  3. Those are some very cool Christmas bracelets. Truly thoughtful. I don't know what to think about them having certain healing properties either, but it sure can't hurt. We all could use a little good juju sometimes.

    BTW, took you up on that offer and watched the first episode of F is for Family. Holy terrible. I couldn't make it past one episode. It's like this lazy knockoff of shows like All in the Family, back in the "crazy 70s" when TV dads could say more offcolor stuff. I wasn't offended by anything I saw (maybe the offensive stuff is in later episodes but the first one was just him trying to outdo the other neighbor with a bigger tv). I was just bored. Didn't laugh once. I can't believe it's so highly rated.

    And mind you, I'm not just saying that because we're pals. That was genuinely disappointing in every way. If that's what passes for hilarious these days, God help the future of comedy.

    1. I don't know how I feel about the healing properties. It could be true, it might not be true. But what does it hurt to wonder about the mystery? Plus, it's cool to learn about what some people believe, and the fact that the stones are supposed to protect me makes the bracelets even more thoughtful.

      I was taken off guard right as the show started because of the way the dad was yelling at the kids and wife. That might be specifically because it reminded me so much of my dad, but I do think it got worse as the show went on. That's why I did watch three episodes, to see if maybe the first couple were just not very good, but it got worse instead of better. Like Twilight, only Twilight didn't make me feel like puking. Cringing, yeah, but not puking.

  4. Hey Rachel. Michele here. I'm so glad you like your bracelets! And they were indeed custom made just for you! Thank you so much for helping to promote my store. I really appreciate your kind comments about my work. And you just cracked me up about the gift-wrapping!!! Your blog-mama sure does adore you. She's a very special person and I'm so glad to have connected with her here in the blogosphere.
    Wear your jewelry in good health! They look great on you!
    Hope to connect with you again.

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. It's nice to finally speak to you! Janie has told me some very nice things about you and she's always right so you must be a wonderful person.

      The bracelets are beautiful. I've gotten quite a few comments on them, all positive, and I plan on passing your info on to them.

      Thank you so much!!!

    2. Of course! Shall I tell them while kicking them?