Friday, January 1, 2016

My 2016 Goals

     Welcome back to the yearly tradition of where I write out my goals for the year. In 2014, I didn't do so well with accomplishing everything that I wanted to do. Here's hoping that I did better this year.

     First, I'll write out the goals I set for myself last year in this color and then I'll respond to how well I've done in this color. At the end, I'll set myself new goals for this year.

  • Highschool diploma. Seriously. I need to get that shit done.   I still have three math courses left before I graduate. With my work schedule, finding time to fit this in, when other people have free time to teach me, seems next to impossible. Fail.
  • No more concussions, please.   Win! No concussions this year, thankfully. I did come close a few times though.
  • Every other Monday will be Tough Topics, on the opposite Mondays will be a surprise style of posts once I figure that out, and then on Thursdays will be up to ya'll. What kind of posts do you want to see? (See, I do care. But you need to answer.)   Major fail. I way over estimated what I was capable of doing with everything else that I have to do. But to be fair on my end, I now know my general work load.
  • Hold at least two contests on here and give away badass prizes, because it makes me happy.   Half win. I held one contest. I way over estimated how broke I would be for the majority of the year. If you welcomed your Godson into the world, moved, and took a 9 day vacation, you would be broke too.
  • A-Z Challenge and NaBloPoMo. For real.   Half win. I did the A-Z Challenge this year. I now realize that expecting me to have time for ANYTHING during the month of November, while working a retail job, is just plain naive.
  • Try to be more positive, since we all know I'm negative and angsty. (Still not as bad as when I was 15 though.)   I'm going to call this a win. My friend Megan told me how she likes how, if/when I complain, I at least have a funny spin on it. My mom, Sissi, and Princess all told me how different and happier I seem to them.
  • Stop saying things like "I'm starving" and "Ugh I don't want to work today" because no, I have plenty to eat, and I am extremely thankful to have such a great job.   I think I've completely stopped saying "I'm starving". I may have slipped up a few times, but for sure under 5 times all year. I haven't done so well with "Ugh I don't want to work today" though. I did great at first, but towards the holiday season, exhaustion took over. I never stopped being thankful for my job; I just got very tired from all the hours. I'll call this a *** out of ***** win.
  • Start driving again, since I haven't driven since I moved here.   Fail. I need somebody to drive with me and again, with work hours, is next to impossible while it's still daylight hours. I need to get my ass in gear.
  • Get my own car. It doesn't have to be super awesome, but it needs to get me from Point A to Point B and back without issue.   Obviously fail. But I do have a savings account set up only for that and that's where my tax money will be going next year.
  • Bring my cat from Alabama because I miss that mean little thing.   This one isn't my fault. My mom gave my cat to her ex-boss' mom. And then had a massive falling out with her ex-boss. So that will never happen and if you know anything about me, you'll know how badly I took that news. Since I can't do anything about this, we'll call it a draw.
  • Start writing more. It doesn't matter what. I just need to write more.   Half win. I've written more, but I haven't kept it all or liked a lot of it. But I've been writing. I still wish I had written more though. I am proud that a fairly large portion of posts this year has been the Tough Topics series.
  • Be more patient. This may be a work in progress.   Fail. I think we all saw that coming.

     Five out of the eleven we're counting. It could have been better, but at least I got those five, right? (See, look at that borderline positivity!) ...............However, I did just lose patience because Blogger says that "positivity" is spelled wrong but wouldn't give me any suggestions to fix it. So I asked Siri, who said I'm right, so fuck you Blogger spell-check, you need to get your shit together.

     So.... Hoping that I do better in 2016, here at the goals I would like to accomplish:
  • Highschool diploma. Somebody who is good at geometry and algebra, hit me up. I'm usually off on Sundays. Let's work out a plan, yeah?
  • Write a least one blog post a week, probably on Mondays, because the whole off-most-Sundays thing. (With at least one Monday a month being for Tough Topics).
  • I would like to do at least three collab posts this year. Be it interviews, guest posts, or some other way to work together. I had a ton of fun with Megan so let's make it happen. (P.S. I did a post on her blog that I don't know if I ever told you about. See here for link.)
  • Keep Cashew the hamster alive. (For updates, you can check out the Twitter hashtag #CashewTheHamster).
  • Keep Munchies the hamster alive. (For updates, you can check out the Twitter hashtag #MunchiesTheHamster). (Yes, my boyfriend got another hamster.)
  • Make it back to Alabama to visit my mom and Princess. It's been two years. It's way past time.
  • Car. For real. I don't want to be walking to and from work in 110 degree heat again this year.
  • Publish the cook book with my mom. (Updates to come at the end of January!)
  • Go visit the Grand Canyon. It's only a few hours away and I've always wanted to see it. I need a road trip buddy.
  • Twice a month, I need to treat myself. Take myself out for a nice lunch, get my hair done, take a bath and do a home pedicure (fun fact: if anyone else touches my feet, I literally feel sick and will kick you). Just something to keep myself from getting so burned out like I did this year.
  • Show my Godson that he is my whole world. I'll need my aunt to get Skype or an iPhone so he can see me regularly from far away. I want to be a part of his life.
  • Start and make decent progress in an auto-biography. Because I'm not an important person or well known or well liked by any means, but I survived going to Hell and back, so I want to show other people that they can too.

     Happy New Years, ya'll.

     I hope 2015 was amazing for you and I hope 2016 will be even better.


  1. As you may know I take each day as it comes, I am not one for goals or making big plans I just kind of drift through life taking each day as it comes and hoping that there are more good happy days then not

    1. Everyone is different. I tend to get antsy if I'm not working towards something, but I over work myself and burn out far too often. Sometimes I wish I could just drift.

  2. I'll bite on the collaboration post if you're interested. You may have noticed I'm trying to get my blog moving again and I really enjoyed collaborations in the past. Give me a few months to get my flow back and we can put something together.

    1. Hell yeah! My email is for whenever you're ready. :)

  3. Definitely get your high school diploma. That's important! Around here there are lots of tutoring places. Maybe you have some near where you live. If so, they can help you with your math.

    I hope you are successful in keeping Cashew alive!

    Here's to achieving your goals. Happy 2016!

    1. There are plenty of tutoring places around here, but the problem is that they're all very expensive. Even if I can arrange a certain time off from work every week, I can't afford the cost of a tutor.

  4. Great goals. All the best! Happy New Year!