Monday, April 11, 2016

J is for Jokes

     I've posted before about how I really don't care about politics and I don't know enough to choose a good president, so I won't vote, but I do know enough to spot a bad president.

     I thought Donald Trump running for president was a joke and that he would never actually get any momentum. Turns out, I didn't realize just how much of the country chooses to hate and use violence because some rich bully says it's okay.

      His wife once stated he raped her and later retracted it because he told her to.

      In interviews, he doesn't even answer the questions and will straight out insult anyone (especially women) if it seems like they don't agree with him.

      Nobody knows what his plan is, besides that he wants to make Mexico pay for a wall.

      Countries all over the world have petitions to have him banned, which means that there will be no treaties with them should he win.

      He may be a business man, but he's also cold hearted, cruel, self serving, racist, and sexist.

      Please don't let this joke continue. I'm begging you to do real research before voting and to end a joke that has gone on far too long.

      I'm legitimately scared for the sake of not just my country, but the world, because I truly believe he would cause a Third World War. 

      (Not sure why autocorrect capitalized that. Oh well.)


  1. Let's hope the joke is on him! Let's also hope that the right person gets voted in...
    I'm not American but from a distance... there have been quite a few strange choices in the last 50 or so years...
    AJ at Ouch My Back Hurts

  2. Remember: We always have Nova Scotia. WDW and I spent a lot of time on Sunday talking about Trump. We don't think the Republican party will accept him as their candidate, but we think his supporters might riot. I'm glad I don't live in Cleveland.


  3. With all the newsworthy events I've been involved in, I've learned not to trust ANYTHING I hear on the news any more. Nothing is actually as they portray it.

    I AM NOT a Trump supporter, but I do know the media has demonized him far more than what is truth. Who the good candidates are depend on which news channel you watch. It's all crooked.

    1. I honestly wish I knew the full truth so I would know who should get my support.