Friday, April 22, 2016

S is for Sunburn

     Eight days ago, I went to the zoo with my boyfriend and didn't wear sunscreen because I couldn't find the brand I'm not allergic too. Then I couldn't treat the burn with aloe vera because that's what I'm allergic to in most sunscreens. A friend told me about this burn spray (which kind of smells bad) and it worked so well that she stopped using aloe to use the spray instead. The only other treatment I did was taking a luke warm bath with baking soda to help pull out the heat.

Thursday Night: (no treatment yet)

Friday Morning: (one treatment)

Saturday Morning: (two treatments)

Saturday Night: (just got out of the shower, about thirty seconds after third treatment)

Sunday Evening: (still three treatments)

Monday Night: (four treatments)

Tuesday Night: (still four treatments and directly after a hot shower)

Miracle Spray:

Always read the directions first.


  1. Bactine will dry out your skin, so it should only be used in small quantities. I suggest white vinegar.

    Use a cotton ball and apply vinegar to the burned areas. It will prevent blistering and draws the heat out. You'll smell like a pickle for a few hours, but it's worth it.

    1. I'll for sure try that next time!

      I actually didn't notice my skin feeling dry, which surprises me. My skin is very dry to begin with so I always use lotion. The Bactine seemed to help with that some.

      But, if you say it's not good to use like this, then I 100% believe you and will try the vinegar next time instead.

      Thank you!