Wednesday, April 27, 2016

W is for Warnings

     Do you know how there are warnings for everything?

     "Caution- Coffee is hot!"

     "Warning- Using hair dryer while in the shower may cause electrocution!"

     "Be careful- Superman costume does not enable you to fly!"

     I've come across some things that I didn't see any warnings for that startled the hell out of me.

     When drinking green Gatorade (at least after throwing up all day and not really having anything else in your system), there's a chance your pee will turn green. (Thank you Gatorade for inspiring this post about fifteen minutes ago.)

     In some states, it is very easy to accidentally end up common law married. (Congrats to you-know-who. Sorry I didn't send a present.)

     And finally, should your store be next to a photography studio that often has laughing children, there's a very high chance your staff will hear laughing children with no children in sight...and they will be convinced the store is haunted. (In a year, I've had about ten girls approach me about it. To be honest, I might make my own warning sign because I'm tired of repeating myself.)

     I'm not even gonna apologize for this. Blame Gatorade and the green pee.


  1. I've changed medications yesterday. Interesting things have happened with my pee AND poop. I don't think you want to know more.


    1. I probably don't. I still love you though.


  2. A little off topic, but your post made me think of this: In the county where I got married, you can get your gun license at the same place where you get your marriage license. Maybe they need a warning there too? lol. :)

    But seriously, green gatorade can make you pee green? Did you actually experience this?!

    1. I would want a warning there!

      But yes! My pee was green! It hasn't happened before and it hasn't happened since. It must have been because of the Gatorade. I don't know if it will always happen, but it does happen when that's basically the only thing in your system.