Monday, May 16, 2016

Oreo Etiquette

     What is the proper way to eat an Oreo?

     Do you split it open, eat the frosting, dunk the cookies, and then eat the cookies?

     Do you dunk the whole cookie and then eat it?

     Do you just shove the whole cookie in your mouth and hope you don't choke?

     I'm having a debate with my friends. Apparently, doing all of the above is incorrect and they believe that you should go with the first option to fully savior the cookies.

     However, I have a friend who will only eat the frosting and her boyfriend refuses to share Oreos with her because he only gets the cookies and no frosting.

     We need answers. How do you eat your Oreos?

     (And if you don't like them, you can GTFO. Mom, I'm looking at you. I love you, but I'm looking at you.)


  1. If I told you some of what I've done with oreos, your friends would no longer see you as a heretic...

  2. I bite it in half and suck on it until it's softish and then chew it up. Sounds really gross as I type that out.

  3. Well I don't have Oreos but my daughter would tell you when eating any cream biscuit you split it in half eat the cream then either eat the biscuit or toss it in the bin or you can split two in half join the two halfs with cream together and eat that, funny enough we were only discussing this last week which is how I know what she would say

  4. "How do you eat your cake?"
    "Well, I lick all of the frosting off of the top, and then I either throw the cake itself away or I dunk it in milk and eat it after. It really helps you savor the flavors."

    If that sounds ridiculous to you, then apply that to an Oreo. Like a cake needs its frosting, a cookie needs its cream. They complement each other. Eating one at a time is such a waste. So yes, I either eat it whole or dunk the whole thing in milk, then eat it. Why only get one flavor at a time when you can get both?

    ~Oreo enthusiast for almost 30 years

  5. I dunk the entire Oreo in milk until it gets soft and then pop it all into my mouth. It just melts away. It's my preferred way to one and really don't care how anyone else wants to do it.

    My cookie. My rules.

  6. I usually just sink it and eat it. Or split it open to taste some frosting or dunk each half separately :D

  7. I usually just sink it and eat it. Or split it open to taste some frosting or dunk each half separately :D