Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Week I Adulted




I think they've missed the point.


At this point in my camera roll, I have a conversation between myself and the friend I recently got back in touch with. I can't share it here because of too many names, but I'll share the story.

Basically, when we were about 14, her on/off boyfriend, her cousin, and I were all at her house. The boyfriend locked her and himself into her bedroom and was trying to do things he ought not have been doing. Somehow, my little bad ass picked the lock to her bedroom door and actually threw him from her bed and into her dresser.

I only vaguely remember this. I do not remember attacking him. She does and she still thanks me for it. We are unsure if I have since lost my lock picking abilities.

Back with the previously scheduled programming.


Positive thought for the day: I hardcore adulted this week. I worked all week. I made dinner more times than we ate out/ordered in. I spring cleaned nearly the entire apartment (my back was giving out so I didn't finish yet). 

PS: The story of the ATM coming later this week. It's a mess.


  1. I love the look on your face when you're going to clean the apartment. I get that look every time I sit down to edit. I hope you can still pick locks. I might need a lock picker someday.


    1. I will happily be your lock picker!


  2. Being an adult can at times suck, adults have to make more decisions then children and more often then we would like have to put on our adult face and deal with dickheads in an adult manner and not jut throw a tantrum and tell them to piss off

    1. I would much rather throw a tantrum than deal with people. But I'm very good at acting like I'm an adult and people person. I should win an oscar.

  3. I'm proud of you for rescuing your bestie from what surely would have ended in rape. I think picking locks is like riding a bicycle, in that you never forget. Altho, you probably didn't use a lockpick set, nor was a bedroom door much hindrance to begin with (like, I think you stick something pointy in the hole on the other side and give it a firm push)

    I only "spring clean" when I can no longer breathe through the dust layers, and then only enough to do that. Adulting is hard! And it sucks! So brownie points for surviving it!

    1. I also wanted to tell you that I'm totally jelly of your eyelashes. When I close my eyes to show off some lovely glam shadow dealio, all of my lashes push into a point in the middle. I hate that. Yours spread out all nice and pretty.

    2. That was exactly what I was scared of and all be damned if I let him hurt her. I'm pretty sure I tried a bobby pin and a kitchen knife to get it open. I think it was the knife that worked. I think I'll try on my bedroom door to see if I can do it, since we have 2 ways into the bedroom so I won't get locked out.

      I usually spring clean once every few months. I've been needing to do it for a while but life was just crazy so I'm glad I finally had time and energy on the same day. There's a few more projects I want to work on but I'll get to that.

      Thank you!! I actually just curl them twice (once with the curler pressed against my skin and once with the curler halfway up my lashes) and then use the $2.98 Wet 'N Wild mascara from Walmart. It's the best mascara I've ever used. It makes them long and thick and helps spread them out. I highly recommend it.

    3. Thanks for the eyelashes hints, but I think it's a genetic thing, like being able to roll your tongue. I know I'm not the only one that has eyelid muscles that center the lashes when my eyes are closed; I've seen it on others. And possibly, when I'm trying to take a PICTURE of my pretty shadow dealio, I'm winking too HARD. Dunno... I was born long before selfies were a thing, much less closed-eye selfies! LOL

      Yours are gorgeous. You credit the curling and the Wal-Mart mascara, I'll credit your good genes. :)

    4. My eyes twitch when I wink so I close both eyes and zoom in to get pictures of my makeup haha. Otherwise, it'll be wrinkly and twitchy!

      And you are so sweet! Thank you!