Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Week I Went To Denver





I got trapped in the bathroom stall there. 

I've just read this back for the first time and damn, you can tell I was dead tired because I typed like a dumbass.
Update: My Alabama people say it like I do. But my Texan and Arizonan people do not.
I almost fucking died. Twice. I just wanted McDonalds.
I also showered and the water pressure was so hard, it knocked me out of the tub.


Positive thought of the day: If I'm being completely honest, I did NOT want to come on this trip. I didn't want to travel away from Boyfriend or the hamsters or be in a strange place with people I only know from work or be in a car for double-digit hours...

But I'm so glad I came. I saw a falling star so close, while at the boarder of New Mexico, that we could see the flames trial behind. We saw the sunrise as we went over the Rockys and it was incredible. I got to see snow and mountains in real life, the ones you only see in pictures. I've made quite a few good connections for work and put myself out there to be a face of the company (and they're expecting 20,000 this weekend, which is terrifying for an introvert like myself) which I have never done before.

Over all.... 9/10. Would do again. The -1 is because the Beer Boys live here and the schedule is so tight, I can't buy them a beer before I go back home. See ya next time, guys?


  1. Well I am glad you went and enjoyed the trip, it is nice when things work out and we end up enjoying ourselves.

  2. You look beautiful, long bangs & all. How neat, to see the actual flames on a meteor!!

  3. Wow, you saw all that in one weekend? How come I never see cool stuff like that? Oh, right, I never leave the house. It's not even because I'm an introvert (I'm not). It's mostly because Martin and Edith are waiting outside to shank me.

    And yes, definitely beers next time, should you have the proper time for it. Colorado beers are some of the best on earth. You see, our hotels here look like The Shining and our bathrooms don't work and our crosswalks suck because we dumped all of our money into the craft beer.

    Totally worth it.

    1. Damnit, Martin and Edith. They're really out to get you. I bet they hitched a ride back up there over the weekend. Keep an eye out, lest you get shanked by some angry geese.

      And woah, you must have the BEST beer. Next time, we'll for sure figure it out. And if y'all are ever in my next of the (non-existent) woods, hit me up. I'm sure somebody has beer somewhere, but we might have to travel far across the lands and cacti to find it.

  4. and I get to be that person: "border" and "Rockies"... unless you don't want to be corrected, in which case, just ignore me. Loved the pictorial diary! So you work for a company that does roadshow/conventions? I would totally dig that, but I'm an extrovert.

    1. I was so exhausted that I couldn't even spell. That entire week, the most sleep I got was about 5 hours at a time.

      I'm definitely an introvert and didn't know that would be part of the job, but I'm glad it is. I have to be pushed into things like that and 90% of the time, I'm thankful it happened, but I never seek it out!

      And yes! My company does big conventions/shows, where we sell a massive amount of product! I can't say more without making it easy to find where I work.