Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Surprise?

     Remember how I said every other Monday would be a new style of post? Well, here it is.

     I realized basically all my written posts ended up like, "Hey, I'm not dead yet, here's a weird thing that happened" because I didn't have time to write anything else. And it felt weird to do super important or thoughtful posts when I was disappearing for weeks on end.

     So I decided to vlog, cut it together with an app, and post it here? We'll see how this goes.

     I expect only the nicest comments because it took me an HOUR to find the video on YouTube so that I could use it. The blog email and the YouTube email aren't the same, nor are they connected. It took me longer to find the damn thing than it did to make it, cut it together, save it, and upload it. Combined.