Thursday, March 26, 2015

I'm A Proud Sister


I about lost my shit when I saw this.

     Imagine my surprise when I was scrolling through FaceBook to make sure there weren't any deaths, marriages, or births from my dad's family. AND TONY WAS FEATURED ON HIS SCHOOL'S MAGAZINE!

     My seventeen year old brother just got published? What? Holy shit.

     I am extremely proud right now and I think the best way I can show it is by asking all of my author/editor/publisher friends to take a look. (That would be y'all, by the way. If you follow my blog or you read my blog, we're friends, unless you're a total asshole and have been told otherwise.)

     And here, never before published anywhere else, is the link to his newest story! So new that it was written and edited within the last week.

     I've called dibs on his first autograph so you can get in line behind me.

     Leave some comments about what you think. I'm sure he would like to know! And if you wanted to directly tell him how awesome he is, you can visit his blog Tony Is The Best or follow him on twitter @Sparky1728 and see his nerdy retweets.

     And if you do all of the above, you are guaranteed my friendship for life, with the exception you're a total asshole in which case I will inform you of it.