Saturday, April 30, 2016

Z is for Zip

     At least I'm ending the challenge with a hell of a story. Let me tell you about how I almost accidentally killed a guy today.

     As I was walking to the bank, I was up on a large sidewalk and next to a busy street. I heard wheels and a man call out, "I'm coming up behind you right now!"

     There wasn't much room to pass by and it's harder to do on any form of wheels than walking, so my automatic reaction was to move to the right so he would have more space to zip on by. It sounded like he was going pretty fast anyways.

     I took one step left and heard him swear. By the time my brain registered what that meant, his skateboard crashed directly into my ankle. (Let's pause to say a prayer of thanks that I chose to wore boots instead of flats.)

     Then I saw him do a fucking flip over and he landed on the sidewalk with his head about three inches from a concrete planter. His board went the other way, right into oncoming traffic and an SUV had to swerve to miss it.

     He was more concerned about me considering I was directly hit but besides a sore ankle, I'm totally fine. I was more concerned about him considering he did a mid air flip and almost cracked his head open.

     He shook my hand and said he was fine, everything was okay, and accepted my large amount of apologies.

     I'm still sorry Mr Skateboard Dude Sir.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Y is for Yikes

     I ALMOST FORGOT TO POST. But I didn't. So yay.

     Also, my boss scared me today.

     She said she was leaving through the back door and when I went back five minutes later, I just heard rustling and walking. Like that dumbass in a horror movie, I yelled out "Hello???"

     There are rumors my store is haunted but my biggest concern is a psycho creeping into the back room where we can't be seen and don't have cameras.

     No, it was my boss, and she was actually leaving. She just had to pee first.