Saturday, April 28, 2012

Guest Post Saturday: Edition Two

     This is the second edition of Guest Post Saturday. If you're interested in submitting a post, please go here to find out everything you need to know and then send an email to Without further ado, I bring you Sissi's guest post! (I know, you were all waiting for it. I was excited to.)

    Hi, hellooooo! I've been mentioned on this blog several times, and I might say that it's a pleasure to be here with you all. I'd like to introduce myself: my name is Sissi, I am Rachel's best friend and sister; I will be writing for you tonight.
   Again, it is a pleasure.
   As you all have heard from your lovely hostess Rachel, art has always been, and always will be, an important part of my life. Now, if it isn't influential to you, that is not a bad thing-- not everybody enjoys art as much as the next guy (or girl.) Perhaps you have something in your own life that is very important to you (please comment with it, I would love to discuss it with you!!) It is then that I ask you, Readers-- do people ask you why?
   First some background information. I am a high school AP 2D art student. I'm required to have a full portfolio by the end of the year, complete with 12 pieces, 8 pieces, and a so called progression to be evaluated at the end of the course. I am required to write a summary of my art for every section that is critiqued. And every piece in my portfolio is required to be backed up with a why.
   Don't get me wrong, I love seeing how a painting, a drawing, a sculpture, or anything takes on a completely new meaning once you know the painting's, the drawing's, the sculpture's, the anything's "why." An emotional or ethical background can give any piece of work layers and layers of depth, and I appreciate the effort and thought that someone put into his or her work. I admire it, honestly; I'm a student, I'm still learning-- I can't flesh out a feeling like these other artists can (a little hard work can get you everywhere, though.)
   However, is it so wrong that I think a little more emphasis should be placed on the how? I speak from experience: some techniques are hard to master. The technical abilities of a student are not always appreciated as they should be. A wonderfully executed piece of art will often leave the judges thinking, "It's nice, but... Where's the why?" And nothing irks me more than that; people get so worked up about the why that they can't bring themselves to fully acknowledge the how. During my experiences, I have witnessed many pieces receiving scores that they do not deserve. Whether the score should have been higher or lower, I always find myself thinking, "If Painting X got x amount of points, why did Painting Y get y amount of points?" whereas Painting X was a piece that was well planned and executed, and Painting Y was a mediocre piece with a meaning.
   If you're sitting there at your desk, Readers, thinking, "Well, this girl must be biased. She must have gotten low points on a work she's done-- there's no way that this can be credible," then you've got another thing coming. I've been on both ends of the boat.
   On April 13th, 2012, I participated in the program Visual Arts Scholastic Event, or VASE for short. I entered two works: a stylized self portrait done in Prismacolor markers and an acrylic painting depicting the 2011 Japanese disasters. I was not prepared for VASE. Both pieces that I entered were works that I had completed the year before as a freshman in an Art II class. Neither pieces were, in my opinion, adequate, and it was obvious that I was nerve racked (as I couldn't back out; not only was it an assignment, it was an opportunity to qualify for a Letterman.) Ask Rachel about it sometime-- I was devastated the night before, absolutely broken.
   By morning, I had accepted that I would not get the highest scores possible (fours) and that I would not get a Letterman, and I accepted that that was fine-- I could wait another year. I was calm, and I was ready to stand before the judges and explain my mediocre art while they silently tore me to shreds on their papers. I knew the love was there in those works, but the technique was dull, boring, messy.
  So that's what I did. I stood in the room, alone with a judge and myself. The first piece that was judged was "Characterize," the self portrait depicting myself. It was a piece showing the influence of other artists and other people on myself and on my art. It was a piece about how they shaped the person that I am today. It was a piece about me, and it was very, very important to me, even if it was kind of crappy. And that's exactly what I told them.
   The second piece to be judged was a piece I called, "Ascension." This one was the Japanese inspired, Wassily Kandinksky influenced, acrylic painting. It depicted the hardships overcome by the Japanese people by way of ascension, not necessarily to heaven or enlightenment but simply to a better place. It was heavy on symbolism and on color theory.
   It was, in my honest opinion, the worst of the two. Why did I enter it? Because the other piece I had actually completed particularly for Vase didn't have a why, according to my art teacher. It had everything else going for it: depth, shading, foreground, background, mid ground, focal point, etc. etc. It had everything but a why.

   That morning, on April 13th, 2012, I received the scores of four and four on both of my pieces. I qualified for a Letterman, and I got two 110's in my grade book. I honestly think that I don't deserve any of it. Those pieces were lacking, in my opinion, in the area that mattered the most: the art. Anyone can crap out a meaning to anything if they try hard enough, but not everybody can create a work of art. I believe that, at the most, those two pieces barely deserved a three. Don't get me wrong, I guess; I'm happy to have that recognition, but somehow, it just doesn't feel right. Especially when you sit and you watch as someone else's work gets a three because their why was lacking.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Too Tired To Think

     My goal is to start posting every Tuesday and Thursday, but to also put up the Guest Post Saturday posts on Saturday (hint hint: send me your posts so I can use them). Considering that posting three days in a row and disappearing for a week or overloading you with multiple posts in a day and not adding anything for five days, I think this would be a better way to do it.

     Unfortunately for somebody (me) who was awake for roughly twenty-two hours and working for fifteen of them on five hours of broken sleep and two half hour naps (which really didn't help), that makes it really hard to think, even after sleeping. Unfortunately for my favorite internet people (you, dear reader, you), that means I'm not up for a huge post about anything.

     Instead, I'm going to ramble a bit before going to get ready for work and trying to find a frappuccino that I already know isn't even in the house, much less the fridge. But don't leave just yet! I will have a photo for you since I don't think my artistic skills (or lack thereof) should be trusted to entertain you right now.

     I have a very short attention span most of the time. I tend to interrupt myself when speaking ("Hey, Momma, remember when I was going to the mall- HAHAHAHAHA Couch Guy...") [I'll tell you about Couch Guy and other adventures with Sissi some other time.] I completely forget what I'm saying, half way through a sentence because my mind is on a whole new topic ("Momma, if you're going to make me record the fish eating ice, then don't................................................... move so much.") When I see something cute, shiny, or sparkly, I will completely forget everything else and totally flip out.

     The best example of the last one is when Daddy and I were walking through a store. He was walking ahead of me because he's a giant and that makes it difficult to keep up with him, plus I was texting while telling him something. Actually, I think I was telling him about whoever I was texting.

     All of the sudden, I looked to the left and saw a huge metal bin full of bunnies for sale.

    "Yeah and then I- HOLY CRAP. THOSE ARE BUNNIES."

     Then I ran over, made friends with the bunnies, and scared some little girl who thought I was going to take the one she wanted to keep. I knelt down, taught her how to properly hold it, bid a upsetting farewell to my new bunny friends, and went on my way.

     I recently told one of my friends about all of this. He said that he was going to use that against me to play jokes on me whenever he could. It figures. But oh well. I didn't see why any of that would really matter.

     The next day, I went took The Youngest outside to play on her little swing/slide set. And a bunny ran right across the yard. I had to behave myself with using colorful language and didn't want to yell since I would scared the kid, but I thought, "HOLY SHIT. IT'S A BUNNY." Then I texted my friend to tell him because it was so damn ironic.

     The day after that, I was taking The Youngest outside again. And BAM. There was the bunny. It stopped and posed and I tried to take a picture but it was too far away. I inched closer but she ran so I wasn't able to get the picture.

     I do have a picture of a rescued bunny that I had that's basically identical to the bunny I saw. Wild bunnies are different than bunnies raised to be pets. Wild bunnies usually don't survive captivity so you should give them over to wildlife rescue people as soon as you possibly can. That's what we did with Rescued Bunny.

     But only after I made friends with her and took a picture, since we found out at the vet the day after.

P.S. I know I said we rescued her, but she was mostly okay. She was brought to me with a cut on a paw that everyone freaked out about. She was okay though, considering she made three escape attempts and was fucking fast.

P.S. #2 And I was so close to writing a post without dropping any F-bombs.

P.S. #3 Huh. This turned out better than I thought. Yay me!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blah Blah Blah

     I'm sorry to say that I probably won't have my own entertaining post this week. I have to work every day and on Wednesday, I have to work from 8:00 am until around 10:00 pm. Guys, I'm going to be so tired. I'm going to need soda or en energy drink or a frappuccino or an adrenaline shot or something.

     Since I have to start getting ready for work soon, I thought I'd leave you with a little update about how work is going and what I've been up to and blah blah blah, I'm sure you totally care about all of this. You're probably just skimming through for a picture.

     The Youngest actually loves me now. Seriously. She runs to me to be picked up or fed and she'll only come to me to go up and down the porch steps. She practically demands my hand by just holding her's out and looking at me like, "Bitch, we are going up/down those stairs. Let's go." But it's super cute. Unfortunately, I have to sing her to sleep every night because she won't go to sleep without music and all of her battery powered lullaby toys died. I've song Edelweiss more than I care to think. (It's an actual German lullaby, made famous by The Sound of Music.)

     The Middle Child is starting to try to rebel against what I ask him to do. For instance, he'll "forget" what he was doing, argue, or just not listen. Last night, after arguing with him for half an hour, I decided I needed to let Boss Man know what's going on. Hopefully that will be taken care of but I wouldn't be surprised if he currently holds a grudge against me. I mean, overall, he's well behaved, but when I need him to do something because my hands are full with his baby sister (literally, it takes two hands to hold her securely), then he does need to listen. I still feel like a snitch though and that's not a good feeling.

     The Oldest has probably been the only one keeping me sane though. He likes to play jokes (like when he took my phone from The Youngest last night and I had to wrestle it from him and his brother- all in fun, mind you) but listens and has also been by my side when trying to keep the other two happy and well-behaved. Granted, he'll do whatever he can to not do his homework, but what kid wouldn't?

     Wednesday will be the first day I'm completely alone with The Youngest, while the boys are at school, so I need you guys to wish me luck. I'm not sure having her at the park really counts because she was so easily distracted by everything. At home, everything reminds her of her family. Also, I'm really scared she's going to bite me. She does that sometimes when she's hungry and you're not feeding her fast enough. Her teeth are painful and they scare me.

     Night before last, I started reading The Hunger Games. Over all, I was actually pretty impressed by the book. I read until five in the morning yesterday before I realized the time and then realized I probably had to work. As soon as I got home (and chased down The Kitten, who got loose and scratched the hell out of my toes), I finished off the book.

     This book is not for young audiences or people who get overly emotional when reading. Being one of the latter (well, technically I'm both, but I mean children shouldn't read it), I had a few moments where my eyes got all watery and I was basically like, "NOOOOO. WHYYYYY? D=" even though I didn't stop reading.

     This weekend, I plan on reading Catching Fire and Mockingjay. I'll probably give a short review of each book, just because I don't think I'll have anything else to write about. I was told that as soon as the second one ends, you just have to read the third because of something that she wouldn't tell me. So yeah, I have to wait to read it because I do not have the ability to put down a good book.

     Also, I haven't seen the movie yet, so don't any of you leave spoilers about the sequels or the movie. I want to be able to see all that for myself. (And I'm sure you all have some sort of spoiler considering, besides my mom, I'm the last person to read/see The Hunger Games. I won't let her watch/read it though. Soooo not her type of book/movie.)

     Since this was basically me babbling about stuff that really isn't too entertaining, you should check out Guest Post Saturday because you could make this blog more interesting once a week while I'm trying to find caffeine or a nap. You should also check out Brother's guest post in Edition One.

P.S. Those are shapes the computer provided. I didn't really have anything to draw so I figured adding random shapes would work.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Guest Post Saturday: Edition One

     This is the first edition of the Guest Post Saturday posts. This edition was written by Brother, who I talk about constantly. If you want to join in the fun, check out this page for rules and send me an email at

    'Sup dudes and gals. I'm here to do a guest post for Rachel. You can call me Brother (but don't because that's weird.) I'm going to be talking about some books that I've completed and want to recommend or just review for the sake of reviewing. I don't always read, but when I do, they're great friggin' books. 

Sci-fi & Fantasy
Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia
     I'm not entirely sure how I stumbled upon this book in the first place, but I'm glad I did. It's pretty much my favorite series right now. The premise is that this guy named Owen Z. Pitt is attacked by his jerk boss and totally kicks his ass because his boss is a werewolf. And dead. (Don't worry there's so much more and that was just the first few chapters, not a big spoiler.) So now Owen is called to become a Monster Hunter by a team of monster hunters based in Alabama. Needless to say there's tons of gore, really fun characters, loads of guns and a surprisingly deep plot for this kind of book. Like, seriously, I felt so sad when I finished it. Good thing there's (very good) sequels. I'd give it a great/10.

The Walking Dead (At least up to issue #84 i.e. book 7, 'cause I haven't read the newest ones JEEZ DON'T PRESSURE ME)
     Like lots of people, I discovered the TV show many months ago and totally loved the first 6 episodes. Season 2 was pretty good and I've watched all of it but that's another entry entirely, so whatever. Anyways, I was like “whoa this is like zombies or something and based off a comic book?” So I got the door-stopper that is a collection of the first 48 issues and could also give someone a mild concussion if wielded properly. It. Is. Fantastic. Seriously, I've never cared more about an emotionally involved, character-driven story in my life – and I hate that stuff! Not only that, it's actually kind of dark and violent, but so well written. From there you might want to pick up book 5, 6 and 7, which contain the issues following that. I'll give it a brain salad/5, but we'll see.

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
     Here's the big 'un, also the most recent. Where do I begin? Here's the setting: Imagine the world sucking a lot more than it already does; a major fuel crisis and widespread famine, among other things. It's the near future – technology has advanced pretty darn well. The whole world focuses on ONE outlet
which is basically a gigantic MMO/3D internet virtual reality thing. No, seriously, you put on visors and interact with people and games using a haptic glove. The dude who created all of this suddenly dies one day but leaves his will in the form of a contest. 3 hidden keys unlock 3 hidden gates which awards you with lots of mula and you pretty much become king of everything. Since this dude James Halliday was a gigantic geek, the only way you're gonna find the keys is with knowledge of 80's-90's pop culture , video games, TV, movies, comics and everything. That's Ready Player One.
     If you haven't noticed, the book is mainly centered around 80's pop culture so if you like that stuff, dystopian settings or just enjoyable stories in general, you should check it out. I fucking love the characters in this book and took me some time to reacquaint myself because I did not want it to end. 10/10. It's not actually perfect, but I'm biased, what do you want?

Guest Post Saturday

     Hello all! I have a sort of announcement to share with my dear readers (you). I'm actually super excited about this and I hope you all share my excitement.

     Every Saturday, I will be having Guest Post Saturday. This means that somebody, anybody, can submit a post for me to put up with full credits to the writer. Of course, there will be a few rules, but I hope that doesn't stop you from wanting to try it out.


  • You must follow ALL AdSense rules. I really don't want to lose my account because I missed something when pre-reading the post. The AdSense terms and conditions can be found here.
  • I don't know (or really care) if you're religious or not, but you MUST respect all religions. This includes not using The Lord's name in vain.
  • Anything that is excessively offensive will not be posted. I want my readers to enjoy what they're reading, not be upset by it.
  • It's in the AdSense rules but I'm adding it again; nothing copyrighted is allowed.
  • Have fun. That's the best thing about writing in a blog, having fun telling your stories.
  • I will post things in the order I receive and approve them in. If somebody sends me three posts in a row that I approve, that means they'll be posted for three weeks. I'm not going to favor anyone over anybody else. It's purely first come first serve, to keep it fair.

     If you're interested in trying it out or have any questions, please email me at As usual, I will try to reply to all comments, but sometimes I might miss one and I want to be able to answer everyone.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Four Posts In One

     Last night, I asked Mom for a post idea because I basically had nothing to post, unless I wanted to rant but I want to focus on less angry posts for a while. I don't want you all thinking I'm a crazy lunatic or something, but I ran out of ideas because I've been home for the passed couple of days and nothing has inspired a super funny memory.

     Here are Momma's suggestions:

     Fire: I enjoy playing with fire. It is hot and rather useful for life. However, it is also dangerous and responsible for deaths. I do not suggest nor encourage you to play with fire. [Disclaimer: No, I mean it. Don't play with fire.]

     Kim Kardashian For Mayor: I laughed loudly at this idea before I realized she was serious. I really don't think she should be mayor with all the drama going on in reality TV. But hey, I avoid politics the best I can.

     The Car: After owning our car for months and never being able to open the trunk (on Sunday, I made a guess that maybe a body or preserved bones were in it but it was sealed so it would never be discovered), the tail light broke and she had to take it in. After panicking all day because they couldn't get the trunk open and she thought it was going to cost a few hundred bucks, it was discovered somebody must pull the latch while somebody else pushes it open. There weren't any bodies, but there was a funky smell, apparently.

     So, yeah. Those were the ideas and I couldn't really make a post out of any of them. They're kind of out of place with this post, but I just thought I should include them.

     Sissi is the one who gave me the idea for this post. Momma gave the same idea to me about forty-five minutes later, but Sissi beat her to the punch. Either way, I'm using all of their ideas so maybe happiness will be had by all.

   When I was little, we had a dog that originally belonged to my mom. She and her brothers found her in the desert when she was just a puppy. We'll call her Desert Dog (because it sounds like a superhero name). I don't remember a whole lot about Desert Dog, but I remember a lot of stories about her.

     When I was a newborn, Desert Dog would stand over me and growl so that only my mom could come to me. If anybody else got to close, even my dad, she would start snapping to protect me. She used to lay curled around me like I was her puppy.

     The laws stated that all dogs had to be on the leash, but nothing said somebody had to be holding the leash. My mom had her trained so well, that she knew to look before crossing the street and what "Don't you pee on your leash!" meant. Since we lived on base when I was little, everyone knew everyone else and they all knew Desert Dog. The mailman even used to take her for rides around the block.
     I can't draw dogs or mailmen, so I drew a road like we used to walk across. I also can't draw an octagon on the computer and the closest thing was a hexagon. I also know that stop signs are red, but it wouldn't show up well enough with that. But hey, at least I can draw a road.

     From the time I was five until I was thirteen, I always begged both of my parents for a dog. I had some pretty convincing arguments and a really pitiful sad look, but neither one of them gave in until a girl I knew was giving away puppies.

     I was staying at her her house for the weekend when I saw them for the first time. On Sunday, when Momma picked me up, I showed her the cutest little white lab puppy with the most puppy chubbies ever. It was a very fat little puppy.

    Actually, I put the puppy, who we'll call Girlie Dog, through the window and into her arms. Girlie Dog whined and crawled behind her neck and hid in her hair for a nap. Guess who finally got her puppy?
     Throughout the entire time of having her, she went everywhere with me at first. She even went to stay with the friend who gave her to me when I was there on weekends. The thing was, she would not stay on the fucking collar. We even put harnesses on her and tightened them very well, but she would be loose within thirty seconds. She was the Houdini of dogs. Maybe I should call her Houdini Hound.

     We had her for about four years, but she had a horrible skin condition that we couldn't afford to fix. No matter what we did, she wouldn't stop biting herself. She would scratch herself so badly that she would shake blood all over the place. So we gave her to the vet no kill shelter so she could get better.

     We got The Big Dog when we still had Houdini Hound and not long after we gave her away, we got The Little Dog. I won't talk about them much because I know I'll have future things to say. I told you all when I got The Stud Dog and he's bound to appear in later posts as well.
     I didn't draw the heart. I found a way to add certain shapes and a heart is one of them. I did draw the very sad line through it to indicate it's brokeness though.

     I've lost other pets over the years and I'll probably end up talking about them, but I wanted to tell you guys about my very special first two dogs. They're both in better places now, one with God and one in a loving home, but I do miss them.

     The post didn't come out as happy as I was hoping, but I'd like to think Desert Dog and Houdini Hound would appreciate this post. (I mean, one knew what "Don't pee on your leash" meant and the other was a magician. I wouldn't be surprised if they could read too.)

     Tell me about some of your first pets.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm Probably A Really Bad Role Model

     Don't get me wrong. I'm not going to encourage the idea to play with fire (like my mom did, which probably explains why I love matches so much) or let a kid play with a knife (of course my mom never, ever taught me to eat off of one.. psh, that's crazy!) or encourage playing with snakes (actually, that's the one thing both my parents taught me not to do).

     However, I have come to the conclusion that either I am an awesome and fun babysitter or a really bad role model. Since I don't really know, I figured I would leave it up to you guys to decide. That means you have to tell me in the comments, just because I want to know what you think.

     For example, the other night, The Middle Child was going to make dinner. After being unable to find anything, I went into the kitchen and found some hot dogs in the deep freezer. Unfortunately, I don't think their microwave works for anything except the timer, their sink was too full to run water over it, and they were so frozen my hand hurt from holding them for thirty seconds. And it was already 6:30, so The Youngest really had to eat dinner soon.

     The oldest got his water gun, filled it up with hot water from the bathtub, and asked if he could spray the inside of the hot dog package to melt them enough so that I could break off enough for dinner. Naturally, not thinking that it would splash back at me, I said, "Sure. Why not?" And that's how I ended up getting sprayed with water, in the kitchen, while holding an open package of hot dogs so The Oldest could spray them with hot water.
     Another example is that we had a stuffed animal fight that turned into a wrestling match. Well, the boys and I did. The Youngest was running around giggling and attacking The Middle Child, because he was smacking me and The Oldest with stuffed animals more than we were doing to him.

     Several times, The Middle Child fell so The Youngest would tackle and bite him. I know she's not supposed to bite and so do the boys. But you know what? It was way to fucking funny for me to scold her. She was only trying to protect us, after all.
     However, I always make sure that their homework is done and that dinner is made and The Youngest is being attempted to be put to sleep at nine o'clock. I guess that's pretty good, for me? I'm not entirely sure though. I don't know if that makes me a good role model or not.

     Throughout all of this, I have been the only one to end up with an injury. I went into the kitchen to check on dinner and the babygate set up to keep The Youngest away from hot stoves, poisonous cleaning supplies, and knives decided to be a bitch and fall on my leg. On Thursday. It's still swollen.

P.S. Like all the other pictures on here, you can see a larger version by clicking on them.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

No Way. I Was Actually Tagged!?

     I wasn't planning on posting tonight, since I just got off of work. I was planning on posting tomorrow to brag about how awesome my week has been. But then something pretty darn awesome happened. Brett Minor of The Transformed Non-Conformist tagged me in his blog today. Not only is this amazing because I've never been tagged in anything on here before, but I was also mentioned in his friend's blog, The Train's Whistle, yesterday. I think I'm in shock.

     Anyways, the rules say that I have to answer eleven listed questions and then tag eleven people of my choice to answer the same questions. I have to apologize in advance if my answers kinda suck. I'm still in shock and I'm really, really, really excited right now. (This is like your favorite author talking about the book you wrote or something to that extent.)

1) Book or movie and why?

     That depends on the book and movie. For instance, you can't really get the same effects of a comedy story as you can watching a comedy movie. Though, I find some horror stories actually scarier than the movie. Usually, I'd rather just curl up with a book but I also love classic Disney movies. I guess I don't really know the answer.

2) Real book or e-book?

     Real book. I've never read an e-book, so this is probably a biased opinion though. I mean, I know e-books are better for the rain forests and every thing, but I just can't picture it being that great. Wouldn't it be almost the same as curling up with my laptop to read a story? That's the only reason I haven't read The Hunger Games to see what all the hype is about. They're waiting on my laptop but it just feels wrong. Plus, I tend to misplace things and it would really suck to misplace my entire collection of books.

3) Funniest thing you've done in the last five years?

     That really depends on your sense of humor. Some people may find the story of my wisdom teeth removal pretty funny while others might find the time I got in a fight with an old lady in a parking lot amusing. I don't really plan things but I also don't tend to think things through all the way. I don't even know what the funniest thing I've done this week was, but hey, you have two examples anyways.

4) Do you put yourself into the books you read/write or the movies you watch?

     Absolutely. I tend to get emotional over books, when something sad happens. I mean, the end of one book had be sobbing my eyes out just because the girl was leaving her best friend (in my defense, the character was a lot like me and I had just come to the realization my old best friend ditched me for new friends). Movies don't make me cry but I also haven't seen the last Harry Potter movie and that might make me cry just because it's the last one.

     I do write though. A lot. I have too many story ideas that I want to use that I have like fifteen started stories but nothing is finished. I tend to write in the first person, so I have to put myself into them. Plus, I take certain aspects of myself to give to each character. For example, my character Kodie has my temper and speaks fluent Bitch and Smart-Ass, like I do. [Wow, I made it pretty far without cursing in this post!] However, my character Charlie has my "I don't give a fuck" attitude and is easily amused. [They're both girls. For some reason, I like super pretty named like Charlotte and Dokota for girls, but I love them even more when they have boy-ish nicknames.] [They're also different characters from different stories.]

5) How would your best friend describe you?

     I don't know. I'll ask them and post it. {Posted at 11:35 pm.}

     Sis Said: Crazy, loyal, humorous. {Text received at 11:44 pm.}
     Brother Said: Rachel "The Punisher" Kathleen is a time lord born in 1288 serving her 7th century. In 1993 she met a scraggly old homeless man who was actually a wizard, so she turned him into a dog named The Big Dog. Then in 2007 she tripped into a pool of eternal youth, so she has to team up with Rob Schneider and Charlie Sheen to find the cure for hair loss. {Skype received at 1:04 am.}
     Sissi Said: Head strong and ambitious with a good sense between right and wrong-- beautiful on the inside and out. {Text received at 3:53 pm.}

6) Favorite car and why?

     Mustang convertible. Because I actually know what it is, it goes super fast, and I loved riding in it. [The only other car I can really name is an Avalanche, because my dad has one and I was there when he bought it.]

7) Would your choice of party be a catered meal or a barbecue out back?

     A catered meal sounds like it would be for something fancy and a barbecue out back doesn't sound that promising, since my mom breaks out the grill EVERY FUCKING WEEKEND [darn, already two f-bombs] during the summer. Then we live off leftovers for a week. Don't get me wrong, the food is good, but I can only handle so much barbecue and I'd rather my mom cook. (You know, there's nothing like home cookin', and such.)

     That leaves a catered meal, so I guess that's the answer. But in all honesty, both involve food and I like food. I'd probably be like "Oh well, so what if I had barbecue for six weeks straight? It's food!" and then race people to the table.

8) What's your favorite season and why?

     I love snow. We even sometimes get it down here in the south. See?
     But I really hate being cold, so not winter.

     I love watching the color of the leaves change in the fall and rain and the way some rain clouds look. See?
     But I really hate storms. Next to spiders, they are my biggest phobia. Heck, storms may even scare me more than spiders do. And it's not a secret how much spiders scare me. I talk about it all the time. [Like here and here and probably elsewhere, and in the future.] So not fall.

     I love the way things come back to life after winter ends. Things are always so beautiful. See?
     But again, I REALLY HATE storms. And math but that's a whole other story.

     I guess that only leaves one season: summer. The answer to nearly every person who goes to school or works in one. My answer is more because there aren't as many storms, my friends have more time (I'm in an online school so my schedule is different), and I'm not freezing my ass off. Ironically enough, I don't have a picture for it.

9) What specific lesson have you learned: Spiritual, educational, and occupational?

     Spiritual: God will always be there when you need Him, even if you don't know it yet or remember it at that time.
     Educational: I HATE MATH. I REALLY REALLY DO NOT LIKE MATH. I also lack the ability to do it. Does this even count as an answer?
     Occupational: As long as I don't have to get up early, I love working. I am not a morning person though.

10) Besides writing, what's your favorite thing to do when you get some extra time?

     I'm going to assume that the person who made this up isn't a stalker and just assumes that writing is a favorite hobby because I have a blog. That could be the best option for everyone here.

     I'm also going to assume that being with my friends and other family don't count either, since that's pretty obvious.

     That leaves me with working, playing with my animals, and badly singing along with CDs/music on my laptop while getting ready to go to work. But working doesn't count because that's not extra time, that's working. Getting ready doesn't count either because it's also not extra time.

     Playing with the animals, it is!

11) What's one place you can be found at least once every week?

     Being lost in my own mind, at any given place, at any given time... usually when I'm supposed to be listening to something.

The Blogs I'm Tagging:

     I don't think I actually have eleven blogs that I can tag, who I'm sure would pay attention or haven't already been tagged. I'll tag who I can though! (By the way, I'm following all of these people and you should go check out their blogs.)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


     This was an intended post for a couple of days ago, but I got really busy and then my internet went out. (The Stud Dog thought it would be a good idea to chew the modem cord. I disagreed. He still doesn't want to believe me)

     I've mentioned the website Tumblr before, but I didn't really think that I would have anything to say about it. Last time, I didn't mention that the account is actually shared between Sissi and I. A while ago, I was writing a story (similar to this, but only focused on certain types of events), and one (now ex) friend told me that I should make the Tumblr account to keep any readers (haha, only my friends, who I had to actually tell) updated about when I would post it and such.

     I eventually stopped posting the story online and took it all down, because the site was having a lot of trouble with plagiarism. I wasn't so much worried about the story as I was worried about the poems I had also posted, but I didn't think that I should take any chances. But I kept the Tumblr account because I had nothing else to do and they have some really, really beautiful pictures on there, along with some sweet people. I'm 99% sure Sissi forgot about it though.

     Now, I am by no means "Tumblr famous". I have roughly fifty followers on there and while I love them to death, they never send me messages. Ever. That's okay. I understand. No big deal. I just think it's awesome when somebody reblogs something that I posted.

     However, a few days ago, I logged in to see that I actually had an anonymous message waiting for me. I prepared myself for the worst, since usually the writers behind such mail are rather cruel. (Click the above link, if you don't believe me.) Then I saw this:
[It Reads:
Anonymous asked: I love you and your posts, but i think you need a new layout.
I replied with: Well, thank you for the compliments, but the layout isn't going to be changing anytime soon. If it does, it will be because that is what my "sister" and I agree on.]

     For some reason, this is really fucking hilarious to me. Every time I think about it or look at it, I can't help but crack up laughing. I don't know why it's so funny. It just is.

     Don't get me wrong, I love the compliment part of their message to me and I do appreciate them, but to me it sounds like, "I love the stuff you reblog from other people but I hate your layout". It seems more like they were trying to be nice about saying my layout sucks (which is doesn't, thank you very much) rather than that they actually like my blog.

     But hey, I still think it's hilarious.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Five Easy Steps

     So, this is a different type of post for me. Instead of rambling on about something that makes me look like an escaped mental patient, I'm going to just cut to the chase here.

     I know this girl named Mercedes. (No, I will not be drawing her. All of my stick figures look alike and that's something I need to work on... where the world can't laugh.) Mercedes is just starting up a new blog. She's tried to have them before, but always forgot or gave up because she didn't know what to say.

     You should go check her blog out. Right here. Click this!  If she has some awesome people (that's you; yeah, you. I know you're reading this because my stats page says so) go check out her blog and maybe even follow it, she might be inclined to keep posting.

Step One: Check out Mercedes' blog. Click here to do that. This right here will take you to the blog.

Step Two: Read her posts. She's just getting started so things may be slow, but she will post. (I will harass her into posting.)

Step Three: Comment and tell her how amazing she is. Come on, you know you want to!

Step Four: Follow her. On her blog, there's this thing that says "My Stalkers". Click that to follow the blog.

Step Five: Come leave a comment and tell me how awesome I am for introducing you to the awesomeness that is Mercedes.

     That is a lopsided heart because I will love you if you follow my step by step instructions and because I loves Mercedes. Also, it's hard to draw even hearts on a laptop mousepad.

P.S. For anyone wondering, any picture on my blog (art or photo), you can see a larger version by clicking on it. I don't yet know how to edit sizes when posting.

Update/P.S. #2 I forgot to add this, but just to let you know, I expect her to be internet famous by the time I get off work tonight. Just sayin'.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Are Your Eyes Bleeding Yet?

     This is the first post I'm actually attempting to add illustrations to. (Well, besides this one, but that wasn't planned ahead of time. The pictures just inspired the post rather than me getting the idea for the post before the idea for the pictures.) I am not an artist. I am absolutely terrible at art. However, I figured that the people of the internet (you), might enjoy laughing at my attempt to draw out some things.

     Two days ago, I was getting ready for work. This usually involves a shower, doing my hair and make-up, loading myself up with jewelry (a total of five earrings, a nose ring, two bracelets, two rings, and the cross neckless I never take off), brushing my teeth, introducing my neighbors to some awesome music, and tripping over animals countless times. However, there was something else that took place that day.

     As soon as I stepped out of the shower and wrapped myself in a towel, a huge spider ran out from under the towel I was standing on. Like I have mentioned about a million times, I have a phobia of spiders. I strongly dislike them. When I squish them, I go a little psychopath-ish and over kill them. Especially with big spiders, like that one was.

     No, that is not a tick. I know it looks like one, but that is a spider, as I have labeled it. Also, please note how much bigger the spider is than the nickel. That may be a little exaggerated to somebody without a phobia of spiders..

     That is also not a tick. It's a spider with fangs. I tried to draw a mouth full of teeth but I wasn't able to do so. Anyways, to somebody with a phobia of a spider, that is what it feels like. Even though it's probably more like this:
     But you know what, I have a spider phobia. It felt like the second picture. It got even worse when I realized I didn't have a shoe in the bathroom. I still don't know why I even looked. Why would I bring a shoe into the bathroom? Maybe it was the spider induced panic that made me look?

     Anyways, since I didn't have a spider weapon in the bathroom, I opened the door to grab a shoe that was close to the bathroom. When I got back, it ran behind the toilet and disappeared. I avoided the bathroom for the rest of the time before I had to leave. I even used a tiny hand held mirror for make-up and checked my clothes for the spider.

     After I left, I forgot all about it. I didn't even remember when I got off of work and went to the bathroom. It was only after I was about to leave the bathroom that I remembered the spider and freaked out a little bit, before checking my feet to make sure it hadn't decided to hitch a ride.

     A few hours later, it made another appearance. On the ceiling above Momma's head. Since it wasn't above my head, I was pretty calm (I love you Momma!). But it still had to be squished and she was closer and  braver.

     I told Momma that the spider was nearly the line on the ceiling. She looked everywhere except the line, until she was directly under it. I told her to look up and then she actually freaked out and jumped away. Then she bravely picked up an empty tissue box and squashed the spider.

P.S. If your eyes aren't bleeding and you think I could continue to attempt to illustrate some posts, please tell me! This is sort of a trial run for me so your opinions are needed!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pet Peeves (Part Three: Social Networking)

     Introducing part three of the Pet Peeves series! This will take you to part one and this will take you to part two. Since I had an orthodontist appointment today, my mom felt bad and told me that I didn't have to help her at work today. Plus, I don't know the area well enough so I have to have her help to help her. Anyways, between the appointment and working at 2 this afternoon, I decided it was time to continue the posts.

     Before I start, let me explain that I don't actually hate social networking. I find it very helpful to keep up with people and communicate with them. I also really like writing this blog. My problem is more with the people and certain aspects of it, but not with the social networking sites themselves. [Disclaimer: I do not encourage you to use any social networking site nor do I discourage you to use it. I don't want to influence anybody about this.]

The New Language:
     I really enjoy different languages. I'm actually attempting to learn German and sign language right now. I also plan to learn as many languages as possible afterwards. However, I only speak a couple languages currently. I speak English, Smart-Ass, Bitch, and Redneck (you can blame my dad for that one). Stupidity is not on that list.

     If you've ever read my blog before, then I'm sure you've noticed that I make all sorts of typos. I leave out words, I replace words with something that doesn't make sense, and there are misspellings (even spell-check makes mistakes). However, when somebody "+h1nk$ 1+$ c001 2 +@1k l1k3 d1$" {that reads "thinks its cool to talk like dis" or in correct English, "thinks that it's cool to talk like this"}, my eye starts twitching. As if I wasn't in enough pain from the orthodontist moving my tooth, I'm in pain from having to give that example.

     It takes forever to read that. It takes forever to learn it. It cannot possibly be easier than using correct English (or whatever language you happen to speak). Sure, I use "brb" {be right back}, "g2g" {got to go}, and "WTF/WTH" {what the fuck/ what the hell}, but that's still better than making somebody cry over the lack of intelligence over their own generation.

     (It also drives me mad when people "TALK IN ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME EVEN THOUGH THEY ONLY SAID THAT THEY WENT TO THE STORE FOR A SODA". I do not enjoy yelling in my own head.)

The Haters:
     With the new technologies (haha, I sound old, but things become even more advanced every couple months), people find it easier to bully others without risk of getting their own ass kicked. I should know. Brother and I are both in different online schools, so we spend a lot of time online. (Actually, my printer is broken so I'm at a standstill with my school work, but I spend a lot of time online anyways.) Due to this, we get bored and surf the internet.

     Here is proof that I've dealt with haters before.

     The worst part of it all, is that I have been dealing with them since nearly day one that I was on the computer. When I was thirteen. On fucking Neopets. That's a kid's website! The website is made to be as safe for kids as they can get it and Sissi, Sis, Brother, and a few of our other friends who used the site all dealt with people on there. It's only gotten worse since because now people don't need courage to hurt others. All it takes is the protection of a computer screen.

Nobody Remembers To Tell Anyone Anything:
     I apologize for the lame title for this part. I really don't know what to call it and I'm willing to edit it upon getting a cool suggestion. There's your hint, dear reader(s)! (Because, you know, I'm totally subtle like that.)

     Let me back up a teensy bit to explain this next part. My dad's brother divorced my aunt on a Monday and remarried on that Friday. Within six months, he completely ditched my little cousin, as well as the rest of the family.

     About two years ago, my aunt started dating a new guy. Nobody told me until I went for a visit, about five months after the fact. I never liked him, to be honest. He always just seemed like a creeper and I never wanted to be left alone with him, but he made her happy so I stayed silent.

     Eventually, he and his two kids moved in after he proposed to my aunt. Nobody told me. I found out on a visit last summer, when they were all living in my aunt's house.

     On April Fool's Day, I was scrolling down my Facebook wall and discovered a picture of the fiance's sister catching the bouquet. I read the comments and discovered it was his wedding. Basically, I flipped the fuck out because I was so mad. Not one person had bothered to pick up the phone (including my dad, who lives like twenty minutes away from her and has been on the phone with me about four times in the past six weeks) and tell me, "Oh hey, your aunt is getting married".

     This wasn't the first time it happened, and not just with my aunt. It also happened when three different cats my grandparents have owned since I was a toddler died. It happened when my aunt, who I hadn't seen since I was two moved back. It happened when my aunt moved. It happened every time my cousin was shipped to different houses because my aunt was deployed. It happened when my "uncle's" daughter got knocked up. Basically, I was pissed.

     Soon, more pictures popped up. Even though I knew it wouldn't help me feel better, I looked through them because I wanted to see if my redneck-tomboy aunt was wearing a wedding dress. Imagine my surprise when I found out that her fiance married some other chick. Just like with my uncle. But still, nobody thought to tell me that somebody big like that happened.

     In my family, everyone blames everybody else for not keeping in touch. I'm the one who makes the calls every holiday and crap. Usually, only my dad remembers that it's even my birthday. I'm pretty much done trying at this point because nobody is willing to do the same for me.

     Anyways, I apologize. This turned into a rant within a rant. My point is that everyone thinks that posting something on Facebook or Twitter means everybody will already know and they've come to rely on it. What if the internet is down? What if you lost your password? What if you just didn't have time to look? Well, too damn bad for you; you're out of the loop.

     The worst part is that people don't even talk anymore. You're just supposed to know as long as you've been friended. This isn't the type of stuff you should announce on the internet. Well, maybe my "uncle's" daughter getting knocked up is okay to announce, but not the other stuff. Phones are still good for phone calls, believe it or not.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Horror Movies

     Yesterday, my mom and I went to see a movie in the theater. We rarely go to the movies and I've never gone to see a horror movie. I was actually pretty excited about it, mainly because I thought I could handle a horror movie again. Let me explain.

     A couple of years ago, I went to a friend's birthday party and somebody gave her a movie for her birthday. This movie is called The Unborn. It's the first movie that I have ever screamed at. It's the first movie that has ever given me nightmares and lingering fears (unless you count when I was six and watched The Twilight Zone and couldn't go near the phone for a few weeks or how I still have a fear of living dolls). Anyways, this movie scared the fucking hell out of me. I will not allow it in my house.

     Ever since then, I've had a difficult time watching anything scary. I used to watch horror movies all the time. For about three years before I saw The Unborn, horror/scary movies were about the only thing I wanted to watch. Nothing bothered me. But after I saw it, anything remotely scary or involving demons (especially the ones that crawl on all fours with their heads upside down) or angry ghosts is not something I enjoy. (I do watch Ghost Adventures just about every week, but there was one episode with a shadow figure that was like that demon and it gave me nightmares.)

     Anyways, after a couple of years, I figured that it was about time to go watch a new horror movie. I really, really wanted to see this one because Daniel Radcliff was staring in it. Since Harry Potter was about ten years of my childhood, I really wanted to see how well he did and everything. (Not to mention I wanted the movie theater popcorn and a giant pretzel with nacho cheese.)

     The movie was actually really awesome. The thing is, it was either too awesome which made it super scary or I'm still scarred for life from The Unborn. I'm going to say it was a little bit of both. Being the only people in the actual theater, my mom and I were able to talk the entire time. This meant, she got to laugh as loudly as she wanted at me.

     Considering I screamed twice, hyperventilated while laughing, and hid behind a napkin while closing my eyes countless times, she had every right to laugh at me. (The first time I screamed, it wasn't my fault. A face appeared in the window and screamed, just as my phone went off in my lap.)

     Even though it freaked me out, I would watch it again. My mom is already looking to buy it. I'm willing to bet that she just wants to make me watch it to see if I'll scream and hyperventilate again. (Sadly, there were a lot of toys that moved and like I stated earlier, I do not like moving dolls or toys. Or clowns, but I left that part out.)

     Over all, I really wasn't scared when we left the movie. I knew it would sink in at night, mainly when I was alone. Except with The Unborn. That movie had me shaking and avoiding anything so much as mentioned in the movie for weeks. (I'm not kidding. I wouldn't open the medicine cabinet to get my toothbrush out for three weeks. I made my mom do it.)

     What I didn't expect, was that it would hit while I was babysitting. While I was rocking The Youngest in the rocking chair last night, to put her to sleep, I couldn't help but think, "The rocking chair played a big role in the movie." Then I looked out the window and couldn't help but think, "This window looks oddly like the one in the movie where the face appeared and screamed."

     Then I spent the next fifteen minutes, unable to look away from the window, in case I saw a little ghost child rise from the ground and start walking towards the house. Or a face appearing and screaming. Either way, I was pretty nervous about it. And in a dark room full of toys, which did not help.

     If I didn't watch a car pull up to drop Boss Man off, I would have completely flipped out, because he walked across the lawn very slowly but was clearly heading towards the door. It was too dark to make out any features, so I'm just happy the headlights made it obvious that I actually knew he was a living, breathing person.

     When I got home, everything was fine again. I wasn't scared or anything. Then my mom went to bed and left me all alone. All I could do was stare into the back room, which was completely dark, and wait for The Woman in Black to come and get me. (I woke up at 4:30 in the moving and couldn't fall back asleep until the sun came up for the same reason.)

P.S. My mom and I both found a few things hilarious about the movie.
-Daniel on a train and didn't want to be late, which reminded us of Harry Potter departing on the Hogwart's Express.
-There was a little red haired boy and a little girl with poofy brown hair that made us point and scream, "RON AND HERMIONE" (good thing we were alone in the theater).
-Daniel's character was originally played by the guy who played Harry Potter's dad, but named Arthur, who was basically Harry's other father throughout the books and movies.

P.S. #2 Momma and I also got into a popcorn fight. I don't know who won. She kept getting it down my shirt and I kept getting it in her super-thick hair (so despite washing it, some might still be there).