Monday, December 31, 2012

Who Wins The Carnivorous Plant?

     Two weeks ago, I posted this post for who could win a venus fly trap, like the one I got Momma for Christmas. Okay, what happened with Medusa (her plant/pet) was that it ended up getting sick and was sick when it got here. We don't really know what happened. I'm going to read reviews of who I order it from on Amazon, before I order it to make sure that I buy it from a place that's actually good. Ashley is helping with the judging so she'll probably help with that too.

     Okay! Ashley and I are looking through Amazon to find a highly rated place to get the venus fly trap. In the mean time, the A Beer For The Shower boys should email me the mailing address at so I can order the carnivorous plant! Congrats!

     As for Kianwi and Brett Minor, I feel bad that you don't get anything, so you can each pick 2 topics for me to write about. Nothing is off limits. (Well, keep it respectful, but I'll write about basically anything.)

     Ya'll have a Happy New Year and stay safe. I hope to hear about all sorts of crazy stories from you guys later on in the week!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Guest Post Saturday: Edition Twelve

     Wow, okay, I was not expecting to post this. Its been a looong time since I've had a guest post and I guess this will serve as a reminder that if you want to do one you can go here for all the information and send me an email at

     Ashley from My Fight Inside looked up the Amanda Todd video to learn who she was and why everyone hates her. It then caused her to post something on Facebook, which one of her husband's ex coworker's decided to argue with.

     A grown woman said that bullying was justified because a mistake was make and "she would teach her kid better than to make Amanda Todd's mistakes". What I wanted to say was, "Look here mother fucker, how about you teach your kids how to treat another human being properly instead of allowing them to bully others? Do you WANT your kid to be a murderer? Because if they bully somebody to the point they kill themselves, they should rot in prison for the rest of their lives." But it was settled before it came to that. I think. I don't really know because she stopped replying while things were still kept decently nice.

     Anyways, this post is for Ashley and not about me or my thoughts, but I did want to include the link to the collection posts I did for Anti Bullying Week as well since its related and Amanda Todd is mentioned in Day Three. This is a topic we feel very strongly about and if you haven't read my posts, please do so after you watch Ashley's video. 

     Click here to watch the video. I am unable to upload it to my blog but this link will take you to it.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Past Week And A Half

     Bad things that have happened in the past week and a half:
-I have been sick in bed to the point I couldn't work.
-I went to work sick.
-I was constantly yelled at by the owner of the restaurant for not doing anything right.
-I had to deal with a week of "end of the world" posts all over the internet that made want to punch people.
-I burned the crap out of my arms under a heat lamp at work to the point an ice cube had a steady stream of water dripping off my arms because I was doing my job and the expo's job so I was under the heat lamps too much.
-My mom shoved a bunch of chips in my mouth and made me choke which made a bunch of chips fall right down my shirt in front of my boyfriend.
-My dad sent me a "Merry Christmas" text which was followed by "Sorry I can't do anything, money is tight" text instead of calling me or even getting me a card.
-The Kitten has been bleeding an unreasonable amount for going on 7 weeks of heat and its scaring the shit out of me, so she's getting fixed on January 7.

     Good things that have happened in the past week and a half:
-Wolfy got me awesome socks for Christmas. (Pictures to come later.)
-He also got me one of the most beautiful necklesses I have ever seen. (You'll see that later too.)

-I got over being sick.
-Even though the owner yelled at me for doing things wrong, when he would walk away, I would do things the right way and he praised me for doing such a good job and it was kinda my own secret "fuck you, mother fucker, I was doing it right the first time" because I couldn't actually say that.
-The world didn't actually end. (You can thank Brett Minor for that.)
-My arms are doing much better since the servers took over running and being the expo so that I could put ice on my arms and  then I put burn cream on them. Still sore from being slow roasted, but not nearly as bad.
-My boyfriend seems to think it was funny that I got chips down my shirt but I'm not entirely sure because I haven't asked him.
-My dad actually texted me "Merry Christmas".
-Christmas. (Details to come when I get the rest of my presents. Mom got me pretty awesome stuff too.)
-I got paid even though it wasn't much money at all.
-The Kitten has an appointment to be fixed so she'll be okay again.
-The Big Dog now has his own dog bed and actually (sometimes) gives me room to sleep in my own bed.
-Wolfy, Ashley, Mercedes, Sissi, Brother, and Mom all seemed to like their Christmas presents and that made me very happy.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Harry Potter And Concussions

     No, I didn't get another concussion! Everyone keeps asking me about it every time I bump my head. For the record, that's only happened a few times. Once, it was on the car and I knocked myself silly. It felt like I had a concussion but the feeling went away after a few hours. The rest of the times, it just really fucking hurt because my head is crazy sensitive still. For those of you who don't know the story, I suggest you read it here. You won't understand this conversation between Sissi and I otherwise. You probably won't anyways but still.

Rachel: Its crazy to think about
Rachel: But one day
Rachel: I'll be at your wedding (I hereby, invite myself)
Rachel: And one day
Rachel: I'll be at our two year old niece's wedding
Rachel: omg
Sissi: duhh you can be at my wedding!
Sissi: And i hope you can be at her's!
Rachel: I invite myself to that one too lol
Sissi: lol you just like show up and we're all like
Sissi: "Hi?"
Rachel: lol
Rachel: "Hi. omg your dress is so pretty. Where's the bathroom? That was a loooong drive and I have to pee. Okay bye."
Rachel: Why can I see that happening?
Sissi: omfg
Sissi: that sounds very appropriate actually
Sissi: but not at my wedding rachel omfg youre gonna be there for the honey moon too
Sissi: and my husband will be like
Sissi: "hey..... why is she here............."
Sissi: jk thats weird
Rachel: lol
Rachel: I would be like "Sissi..... I love you but................. Can i go? I don't want to witness this."
Sissi: yeah i dont blame you......
Rachel: hahaha
Rachel: "Sissi seriously this is just weird. Okay love you bye. Oh wait, new brother in law dude, behave yourself or I'll let The Big Dog jump on your head. Okay, for real, bye."
Rachel: That's going to be my new threat
Rachel: "I'll let my dog jump on your head"
Rachel: It sucks
Sissi: "i'll jump you. actually my dog will. literally. he will jump on you"
Sissi: "stop laughing he gave me a concussion"
Rachel: yes
Rachel: exactly
Rachel: holy shit
Sissi: hahaha omfg
Sissi: thats one of my favorite concussion stories rach
Rachel: One of?
Rachel: What tops it?
Sissi: umm
Sissi: oh
Sissi: my friend got a concussion by her great danes butt
Sissi: slamming her into a wall
Rachel: She wins
Rachel: I don't know who she is but she can say "I had concussion by dog ass"
Rachel: I can only say "I had concussion by dog"
Sissi: is a donkey's ass
Sissi: would that be
Sissi: ass to the power of two
Sissi: ass squared
Rachel: I don't do math
Rachel: But that makes sense to me
Sissi: hehehe :D
Rachel: "I had a concussion by ass squared"

     If you haven't read or seen the Harry Potter books and movies, just skip this part and go do that. Now. I order you to educate yourself on Harry Potter and not on Twilight. Spoiler alerts ahead. Ashley has been having a Harry Potter marathon and then this happened.

Ashley: you should probably know something
Rachel: What?
Ashley: I am Lord Voldemort..
Rachel: dun dun dunnnnn
Ashley: Beware Mudblood
Rachel: The heir of Slytherin has returned
Ashley: I just want to hug you because you said that
Rachel: lol I had to say it
Rachel: I couldn't not say it
Ashley: It was the proudest moment of my life
Rachel: Prouder than having two kids and a husband and a job that pays a crap load of money?
Ashley: 0.o
Ashley: As Lord Voldemort, it is the proudest moment of my life
Rachel: Yeah, I guess you can't count killing Harry Potter...
Ashley: I am back
Ashley: I will get that hoe
Ashley: Andddd
Ashley: 0.o yuhh
Ashley: I am crying now. Dumbledore just died
Rachel: oh no
Ashley: As Voldemort, this is the happiest moment of my life
Ashley: As Harry Potter, I am devastated
Rachel: Who else are you?
Ashley: lol. Do you realize that question just makes it seem like I am mental. It seems like you are asking "Who else lives inside your head?"
Rachel: lol I am
Ashley: WOOO. Now I am on movie seven part one
Ashley: As snape, I am pretty excited because this is my big moment
Rachel: The moment everyone knows you're a good dude
Ashley: Its my time to shine
Rachel: At least you won't sparkle

P.S. Please vote in the poll Ashley and I are having located at the top right side of the page and please check out my contest if you want to own a carnivorous plant.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Party

     I went to a Christmas party at work on Monday. I was there for a little over an hour and a half. The following is a list of what happened:

4:00 - Arrive.
4:01 - Listen to my manager say "You made Mr Fix It come! Good job, Rachel. You are not fired today!"
4:02 - Get told to write my name and put it into a thing.
4:04 - Start to get bored already.
4:05 - Get handed a piece of paper and told its for a scavenger hunt.
4:06 - Listen to manager yell at people not to start eating yet.
4:10 - Finally find one thing one the paper.
4:11 - Listen to manager yell at people not to start eating yet.
4:12 - Give up the scavenger hunt.
4:13 - Start texting.
4:14 - Some lady wearing waaaaaay too much perfume says, "HI. I DON'T KNOW YOU BUT I'M GOING TO HUG YOU."
4:15 - Realize that because of the hug, I smelled like her old lady perfume instead of my one.
4:17 - Listen to manager yell at people not to start eating yet.
4:18 - Wonder why I decided to go to the Christmas party at all.
4:19 - Manager gathers everyone to say grace.
4:22 - Actually manage to say grace with people barely laughing inappropriately.
4:23 - People swarm the food.
4:24 - Get coughed near by the owner.
4:25 - Get yelled by the owner at for not eating yet.
4:26 - Go back to texting.
4:28 - Realize that I am hungry.
4:29 - Realize that there's barely any good food left.
4:30 - One of the servers asks me to sit with her, her sister, and a couple people I actually know.
4:31 - Try to sit with them but some old lady took my seat.
4:32 - Get yelled at by the owner for not sitting down fast enough.
4:35 - Eating peacefully with Mr Fix It and two of the cooks he knows.
4:36 - Manager announces its time to open presents and starts drawing names.
4:40 - Two more dudes join us at the four seater table and sit on either side of me so I have no breathing room.
4:50 - Everyone finishes eating and gets distracted, except for one dude (the runner who once told me to scratch his back) and a server who I rarely ever see, who I invited to sit with us because she was as bored as I was... and I didn't want to be alone with the runner.
4:53 - The hostess joins us.
4:54 - The runner disappears and I go to get more soda.
4:55 - I come back to find the runner has taken my seat.
4:56 - He gets up so I try to take my seat back.
4:56 - We fight over the chair. He wins.
4:56 - He drags me around on the other chair and almost makes me fall on my face because he is a jerk.
4:57 - He disappears again and I get my seat back.
5:00 - The hostess disappears and the runner wins one of the presents.
5:01 - He opens it to find a long, zebra printed thing that you put in the microwave for your neck.
5:02 - He starts joking about certain zebra male body parts.
5:03 - I wonder if I can strangle him without getting arrested.
5:04 - I decide that I probably can't so the server and I get our stockings.
5:05 - We both get a bunch of junk food.
5:06 - She's allergic to wheat so she asks who wants her Moon Pie.
5:06 - The runner snatches it up so fast and shoves it in his mouth that we can only stare in shock.
5:06 - He asks to buy my beef jerky from me.
5:06 - I ask him how much money does he have.
5:06 - He discovers he has no money.
5:06 - Become sad that I won't  get money.
5:08 - Recover from sadness and he tells us to watch his "zebra penis" while he goes to the bathroom.
5:08 - Reconsider strangling him.
5:09 - He returns, takes the zebra striped whatever it was, and finally goes away to bug other people.
5:10 - The server and I briefly celebrate.
5:11 - The server goes to the kitchen.
5:12 - Another server sees me sitting alone so he sits down across from me.
5:12 - The server starts drilling me with questions about school, work, and other such things.
5:17 - The server tells me I'm awesome and then leaves because I'm awkward and couldn't hold a conversation.
5:18 - Return to texting.
5:20 - The other server returns and tells me that she's leaving.
5:21 - The server leaves and I become sad.
5:25 - Get tired of people asking for pictures of my outfit so I go to the bathroom to try to get a picture.
5:26 - Realize that the mirror is no where near long enough.
5:27 - Get hugged by the server who asked me to sit with them.
5:30 - Tell Mr Fix It that I'm bored and I'm ready to go whenever he is.
5:31 - One of the cooks is like "HEY RACHEL" and then hugs me.
5:40 - Mr Fix It finally tells everyone good bye so he can take me home.
5:41 - He gets stopped and has to go do things.
5:45 - We go out to the parking lot.
5:46 - One of the servers yells at him for not hugging her.
5:46 - They argue through the car window.
5:46 - He finally hugs the server and she leaves.

      I was getting sick when I went to bed Tuesday and woke up totally sick on Wednesday so I couldn't go to work. I can't decide if its because my hair was wet when I left for the party and it was cold outside or if it was because the owner coughed so much around me. Or because so many people hugged me and they may have been carrying something. Regardless, I was well enough to work today and I can almost talk.

     I'm not sure how, but I actually did have fun while I was at the Christmas party. I was pretty bored a lot of the time but it was worth going. Oh, and for my outfit, Sissi picked it by me sending pictures of clothes to her. It was really cute but I'm not going to take a picture right now.

P.S. Remember to vote in the poll!

P.S. #2 Remember that I'm giving away a venus flytrap later this month!

P.S. #3 Mr Fix It keeps saying that he's sorry for ditching me but he "was trying to make me talk to people because I don't talk enough". I think its hilarious. Obviously, he doesn't know me, because leaving me alone in a crowd of people will not make me talk. It will make me play on my phone.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Who Wants A Carnivorous Plant?

     I haven't had a contest in months so I figured I might as well have one again, since its Christmas time (the time for giving gifts). I'm getting Momma a venus flytrap for Christmas. She has to know because she has to take it out of the box when it arrives. I haven't told her anything else though, so it's okay. But it seemed like it would be a really weird and cool prize/gift to give away.

     If you are interested in winning a carnivorous plant, which is really more like a pet than anything, then you should read the rules. Ashley and I will go over all contest entries and I will announce the winner on Monday, December 31. Don't worry about a "green thumb", or rather, not having one because I will include links to information on how to care for your new plant/pet for the winner.

The Rules:

1) All entries MUST be commented below so that both Ashley and I can see them, and so they don't get lost.

2) You MUST be within the USA. I can't ship anything out of the country because that shit is fucking expensive. (Honestly, it will cost more to ship the plant/pet than it will to buy it, and they really are not expensive at all. You could easily buy one yourself but why would you do that if you have a chance at winning it?)

3) To win the prize, you MUST answer all of these:
What would you name your new pet/plant?
What is the best holiday present you have ever received?
What is the worst holiday present you have ever received?
What is your favorite holiday tradition?
What is the best holiday story you have? It can be funny, sweet, sad... Anything true.

4) You MUST promise to take a picture of your plant/pet and show me either on your blog, email, Twitter... I don't care. I just want to see it when you get it.

The contest is now open.

P.S. In Thursday's post, I said you guys should check out Ashley's post with the (actually entertaining) plot of the entire Twilight Saga. I also asked you to vote in our poll, which you can find on the top right side of the panel thingy. One of the comments I received said that they did not like the idea of "slut-shaming words". Let me just make this clear: We are not slut-shaming. We are not saying its bad to sleep around with people as long as it's legal, consensual, and you're not cheating. Its a word. If you had to pick one to be called, what would you pick? I personally, don't get a give what people do with their bodies and it's none of my business what people do.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Look At My Poll And Ashley's Post

     First of all, Ashley and I have a poll going on, on the right hand side of the little panel thingy. We're having a debate about if people would rather be called a "whore" or a "bitch" and that will be going on until January 20th. Please vote! We've been checking it constantly because we want to know who will win!

     Secondly, I don't care if you like the Twilight saga or not. Personally, I don't. Seriously. I wouldn't even care if people didn't make such a big deal about it. Ashley wrote a post about Twilight and gave a summery of all four books. It will literally take you less than two minutes to read and comments will make her happy. I swear, it's a billion times more entertaining than the book. Please read it.

     Thirdly, I have discovered that I am absolutely horrible at telling people what I want for Christmas, or even knowing. When girls have asked me, I usually just say, "I dunno. Make-up or perfume or something." Wolfy has no idea what to get me and, as I guessed, he's not going to get me make-up or perfume because he's a guy and doesn't know anything about that stuff. But the only stuff I need costs a lot of money so... Yeah. I'm not very good at that.

     And now, I'm going to go eat some barbecue chips, watch some TV, and be impressed that today was incredibly productive.

P.S. I slapped myself awake this morning. My hand was asleep so I started shaking it... then I slapped myself in the face.

P.S. #2 No, Mom, I didn't get another concussion.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Half The People In Town Have Seen My Boobs

     You probably clicked the link on that, hoping that I came up with something totally crazy to get people to read my blog. Well, you would be wrong. Something happened the other day that almost killed me from how embarrassing it was. Since you guys tend to ask about embarrassing stories and I haven't figured out how to cope with this yet, I figured I'd tell ya'll what happened.

     When I went shopping for my work uniform, we found a couple of shirts that I would be allowed to wear but upon actually wearing them, I discovered my arm movement was too restricted. I'm claustrophobic so that made me crazy enough but it was also impossible to put a jacket on without making the sleeves bunch up at my elbows and rub them raw. So, I decided I needed to get a new shirt.

      The only other shirt I found was kind of low cut, but it looked enough like what the other people wear that I didn't really care. After all, I could just wear a t-shirt under it if it were a problem. Since it gets really hot in there and it's not polite to sweat all over peoples' food, I put the shirt on and bent over. I asked Mom, "Can you see anything or is this work safe?" She told me that she didn't see anything.

     I wore that shirt every day I worked (while washing it in the morning, since I hate ironing) and never thought it was a problem. I never gave it a second thought because it's pretty modest when I put it on. A lot of my jobs include bending down to pick up hot trays, or leaning over to either set a table or clean it or pass out food. That sort of thing but Mom had checked the shirt so of course nothing would cause a wardrobe malfunction.

     I noticed that a lot of women had started glaring at me, but I just assumed they were some of the prissy bitches who have never worked a day in their life. We get a lot of people like that and you can tell just by their attitude, so I didn't think too much of it.

    After a week of this, one of the servers pulled me aside after everything had slowed down. He's one of the people that actually comes up to me just to hang out and talk when there's nothing going on, so I thought that he was going to tell me something that happened at one of his tables, like he normally does.


     "When you leaned over earlier, I saw down your shirt."

     Have you ever had a moment when you hear something where your mind literally goes blank and then you're filled with this overwhelming embarrassment and horror? Well, that was me. Before I could even respond, the expo (the guy who puts the food on the trays for the servers/runners) called me over and told me that I needed to do something, which I sort of did in a daze because I was in shock. When I had finished, the server waved me over into the togo area where he was rolling silverware.

     "Are you mad at me?"

     I was confused by that. Honestly, I can't blame him if he saw down my shirt. I was the one who bent over. Accidents happen and I know that. "Um, no? Why?"

     "Because your face got really red."

     Well, no shit Sherlock. You would blush too if you were in my position. "That's because I'm embarrassed! If I flashed you, how many tables have I flashed? I lean over in front of guests all the time!"

     "You've flashed me like three or four times today. I wasn't sure if I should tell you because I didn't want to embarrass you or make you think that I was trying to look or anything and I didn't want to just yell it. Don't be embarrassed though. I'm in my late 20's. Its not like I've never seen it before."

     I kind of just ran away and tried to occupy myself with anything else, but we kept walking passed each other while we were doing sidework so that made it beyond awkward. Not only that, but I had to continue to lean over so I had to hold my shirt to my chest so I wouldn't flash anyone else. I did manage to thank him for telling me, since I would have never known otherwise.

     After that, I left with Mr Fix-It and he asked me what was wrong, so I explained everything to him. He told me, "Oh, I didn't want to say anything. I didn't want to make you think I was looking and you tell your mom and your mom and I would have a problem. You're a nice girl. You're a good girl. I don't want to cause problems."

     Moral of the story: Mother fucker, if you can see my boobs or any part of me that shouldn't be seen, fucking tell me.

P.S. The server really was nice about it and today at work, he acted like nothing happened. I still can't look him in the eye though.

P.S. #2 Ashley and I are having a debate. If you had to be called with a "bitch" or a "hoe", which would you prefer? Don't vote here. I'm putting a poll up on the side of my blog that will stay up until January 10th. I won't say which of us said what so it won't be biased, but go vote in the poll!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Stupid Things...And Sunsets

     It's been a while since I had a blog of random pictures, so here ya go. Some of these were sent to me, so I'm not going to take all of the credit for these. A lot of them are just random sunrises that I saw, when we were going home.

Random candy that my mom bought me. The ring lights up.

Um, duh?

Um, also duh?

Never would've guessed...

Found those when I bought my boots. They were very furry.

As furry as they were, they really were comfy. Just not comfy enough to ever wear again. Ever.

On the way home.

Still on the way home.

Still on the way home.

Momma bought car magnates for the fridge. The one on the bottom is now missing.

Found those at the gas station. Used to get them all the time when Mom worked at the zoo.

My feet when we went bowling.

I can't remember what it said but it was really stupid.

I wish I could remember what it said.

Yes, Sissi, they do. It's called dirt.

Found that in the gas station window. Almost died laughing.

Sunset at the outdoor mall.

On the way home.

Still going home.

Stiiill going home.

Eventually, we got home, but we were still driving.

We were almost home, I think.

We pulled over and trespassed so I could get this picture.

If we were going to trespass, I was going to get more than one picture.

Had to make it worth it.

After that, we got home.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Conversations #3

     Honestly, I would have used this for NaBloPoMo if it wasn't prewritten. I don't really want to use a prewritten post but I'm exhausted and I haven't been feeling that great. Plus, I've been saving some of these since August. So please enjoy funny conversations while I try to blink enough to get a little scrubby soap bead thingy out of my fucking eye.

When I sent Brother his birthday post (linked below), this is what happened.
Brother: omg
Brother: this is amazing
Brother: and thoroughly hilarious
Brother: what if we got a picture of us together and my head was cut out of the frame because I am so tall
Brother: that would be the funniest shit ever
Rachel: I'm glad you like it so much x3
Rachel: But yes, that would be the funniest shit ever
Rachel: I WANT that to happen
Brother: and then we'd be like "we have to retake this photo so brother's in it"
*next photo*
*Just my head and perhaps sissi and sis's hair*
Rachel: And then I'd be like "Wow okay don't include me at all" and I'd have to sit on your shoulders or something
Brother: *next photo*
Caption: This is us dragging Brother into the emergency room after he fell backwards and hit his head
Rachel: I'm literally crying now
Brother: xD
Rachel: so many laughter tears
Brother: gross
Rachel: You think everything is gross
Brother: yes I do
Rachel: What about pie?
Brother: I like some kinds of pie
Rachel: I'm still giggling
Brother: pie is a very serious subject
Rachel: I know Brother
Rachel: I'm sorry
Rachel: But you have to understand
Rachel: I am so not socially acceptable
Rachel: Or politically correct
Brother: oh yeah
Brother: I forgot

I was telling Brother about how I'm going to start studying the menu I was given for the restaurant I'm going to be working at.
Rachel: I'm going to start studying the menu tomorrow so that I can go through my training easily.
Brother: yay
Rachel: I think it would be easier to learn if I made the shit but I'm not cooking Italin food lolol I ain't got time for that homemade from scratch shit
Brother: lol
Brother: you almost went full gangster there
Rachel: lol Almost. I'm still learning from the master. (you, except when you say thanks)
Brother: th-
Brother: oh
Brother: shit
Rachel: Good save
Brother: th
Brother: oh
Brother: fuck you
Rachel: no fuck you

Just a random conversation between my friend Emily and myself.
Rachel: I just gagged on my sandwich.
Emily: Sorry.
Rachel: On the bright side, my stomach and every other organ food goes through must be REALLY FUCKING PRESERVED AND HEALTHY.
Emily: hahahahahahahahahahahahha
-awkward moment where nobody knows what to say-
Emily: I have to go to bed.

Pretty self explanatory.
Rachel: I'm watching Young Guns on tv and they changed "fucking" to "farking"
Rachel: It makes me giggle
Sissi: lol
Sissi: fark
Sissi: you
Rachel: OMG
Rachel: I LOVE YOU
Sissi: i love you too hahaha
Rachel: But Sissi
Rachel: fark
Rachel: you

I got a text from a number I didn't recognize, that woke me up. Then I had this conversation. I automatically assumed it was Momma, trying to play a joke on me.
Stranger: Wake uppp
Stranger: Do it do it do it
Me: Who is this?
Stranger: Somebody really really cool
Me: You have to prove how cool you are. A name would be a good start.
Stranger: Voldermort
Me: You misspelled Voldemort
Stranger: I'm so cool it doesn't matter ^.^
Me: Mercedes
Mercedes: Yes?

Wolfy and I were trying to get each other to answer a question first but we were both refusing. Then this happened..
Me: Stubborn
Wolfy: Yes you are
Me: Smartass
Wolfy: Yes I know you are. What about it?
Me: lol
Wolfy: I'm such a smartass
Me: No shit
Wolfy: Cat shit? Dog shit? Rabbit shit? Oh you mean bull shit lol
Me: lol
Wolfy: You're laughing aren't you?
Me: I might be
Wolfy: Thats a yes