Thursday, January 31, 2013

Here Are Pictures, Enjoy

     I have a really horrible headache that makes me want to use the word "migraine" but its not quite at that level yet. Its making it hard to even sit up, much less do anything else, especially anything that involves putting words together to make a good sentence. So please enjoy all of these pictures while I go scold myself for never writing a real post anymore.

Mom took me to a shooting range last summer and that was my target.

I shot 19 out of those 20 bullets. The instructor shot the other one to show me how but didn't shoot the target.

All 19 bullets hit the target and that bullseye was on my third shot.
Last time I shot a gun before this, I was 10 or 11 and my dad only let me shoot it once before making me shoot my cousin's BB gun because I was too small

We went out to eat and Mom took a picture of salt and pepper.

Then a lemon.

Then the table top, which I think was an accident.

Then me flipping her off.

Then me flipping her off with my other hand.

Then my lunch, which needed a lot of salt.

Then her lunch.

The Big Dog likes to tackle me and hold me down.
My arm band from the hospital when I got the concussion. I took it after we got home and then I went to sleep.
The allergy that band is referring to is latex. It literally burns me.
     On another note, I am going to be leaving the state to go to another state to see my boyfriend in April. I wanted to do the A-Z Challenge (post every day excluding Sundays, with a post for every letter of the alphabet) but I wasn't sure I would be able to do so. I just checked with Wolfy and he says that he'll even let me use his laptop, so I will be able to join. I just have to figure out how.

Monday, January 28, 2013


     I promise that I'm going to get to the last two posts that were picked out for me by Kianwi and Brett Minor. I haven't forgotten and I'm not going to go back on my word about posting. However, I'm not going to write about either in this post. One requires a lot of research on my end and the other requires a lot of typing and thinking. Mostly, I'm just lazy and its been a really crappy week. But don't worry, its not another post about my pets!

     This is going to be a post of random and weird facts/confessions/fears that I have. I'm hoping it's going to be silly... but I'm also really hoping that I'm not the only one.

1) I'm actually really scared of living dolls or any inanimate object that moves and isn't supposed to. (You can blame Mom for this one, by letting me watch The Twilight Zone when I was six. It was an episode about a little girl turning her babysitters into Barbies and they were still alive. My room was full of Barbies.)

2) I cannot have the windows open at night because I feel like I'm being watched. That makes it hard to do laundry at my dad's house because his kitchen doesn't have anything to cover most of the windows and you have to go through it to get to the laundry room, where the blinds are usually left open. All blinds/curtains must be shut. However, I love opening the blinds/curtains during the day, even if its raining.

3) I remember when things happened by what color hair I had at  that time. I'm not sure why, but that's the easiest way for me to remember. (12-15 I was blond, sometimes with streaks. 16 I had brownish hair. 17 I had red hair. 18 I had brown, black, and red hair. 18 I had black hair. 19 I had black hair and... You'll see what I have now later on.)

4) I now freak out when anything gets remotely close to my head. That means I spend a lot of time ducking at work, when RWA (Runner With Attitude) runs trays.

5) Given the chance, I would literally have my own zoo and make everyone else take care of  the animals while I played with them. Including tigers, wolves, pandas, bats, other big cats, pandas, and maybe even a small non-poisonous snake.

6) I used to be terrified of snakes, but now I'm only scared of the ones that are not in containers, big snakes, or snakes that are poisonous. (Has anybody seen that thing on Tumblr about what snake venom does to blood? Freaky shit.)

7) When I was little, I found a picture of a huge boa in a toilet and when I asked my dad how it got there, he had me convinced that it went up through the pipes. (Kind of like Harry Potter but before the movies came out.) I was terrified of a snake coming up through the toilet and biting me in the ass until I was eight.

8) Also thanks to Mom letting me watch The Twilight Zone when I was six, I was terrified of answering the phone for about a year because I thought my dead grandma would call me and tell me to kill myself. My grandmothers are all still alive today.

9) I once had about a month straight of dreams where I died in various ways. (Not really a dream every night, but every dream I had was about that.) I forgot all except the last one, which made me cry because I was betrayed by friends and not because I died in the dream.

10) I can handle being yelled at. I can handle being cursed at. However, if I'm dealing with both, two things can happen. Either I will blow the fuck up and put that mother fucker in their place, or I will cry.

11) I often think that I curse too much. Then I post something like #10 and decide I should work on my brain-to-mouth filter (or brain-to-keyboard filter, in this case). But then I write something like #10 again.

12) I get mad when somebody tells me that they're sorry that something bad happened to me. Unless its their fault, I don't want an apology. Most likely, the best thing that can be done is saying, "I'll kick their ass for you."

13) I complain about having to go to work, but I also complain about not getting to work. It would probably be easier to just pay me to shut up about it.

14) I have a friend who thought that koalas were from Japan and that the panda in Panda Express was actually a koala. She also thought that Keith Urban was British, not Australian. Another friend thought Kieth Urban was auditioning for American Idol. Not really about me but I had to share because omg.

15)  It's taken me nearly two hours to come up with all of this stuff. I had a lot better stuff when I was falling asleep last night but then I forgot it.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cat In The Box

     Before I start, I just want to say that I promise a non-animal related post on Monday. But I'm just giving you guys an update from the post where I wrote about The Kitten having surgery and The Shy Cat loving feet. I'm not sure what my topic will be on Monday, but I will make sure it is not animal related. In the meantime, you can squeal over how cute my cats are in the video.

     I feel like I should explain a little bit. Basically, Mr Fit-It made me a pizza at the restaurant because I didn't want to make dinner at home and I have no money. (Can somebody please explain why the cooks who make $15 per hour get free food but runners/hosts who make $5 and servers who make $2.13 plus tips have to pay half price? Yes, the cooks cook the food, but that doesn't mean its their food since the restaurant is paying for it. They make three times as much as anyone else and still get it for free? It should be the same for all employees. I think that its fucked up. But that is not the point.)

     When I got home, I sat on the counter with the pizza box and The Kitten sat behind me, so I gave her some pepperoni, which she didn't eat. After I finished eating what I was going to eat, I put the other pieces of pizza in the fridge and The Kitten got into the box and started eating the crumbs out of it.

     The back ground noise is Mom talking about how my puppy knocked her drink over and the TV talking about volcanoes. I don't understand the point of having cable when there is nothing on.

     The other video is The Shy Cat, when I was getting ready for work. I sat down to put my socks on and when I put my feet down, so she attacked. The first time I tried to take a video, she stopped. The second time, I took a great video only to realize that it didn't actually record. The third try is what's on the video. I consider it proof that she's obsessed with feet.

     Now, I want to ask basically anyone reading this for tips. Ashley and I want to do something about anti bullying. She had the idea to start a Facebook page. Does anyone have any ideas on what else we (or I) could do? Does anybody know the legal aspects of it or where we could find it out so we don't screw something up? Pretty much any advice you have on that would be amazing. If you don't want to leave a comment about that, you can email me at and I'll be sure to show Ashley everything.

     And on a lighter note, help me kick her ass in the poll we're having. Scroll up and click your favorite Disney movie! Or click "Other" and it will take you to the Poll website where you can comment your favorite.

Monday, January 21, 2013

My Pets!

     A while ago, I had a contest to give a way a carnivorous plant. When I announced the winner, I felt bad that the other two entires weren't going to get anything so I offered to let them both pick two topics for me to write about. Brett Minor still has to pick one topic but Kianwi has picked both of hers. (You can see Brett's first topic here; I'm pretty proud of how the post came out.)

     Kianwi said:

"How about a post about your pets? Or one of them? With pictures!! That would make me very happy. :)"

     Okay! I'm actually going to separate this into two sections on this post. My pets and Mom's pets. That's the only way to do it because I talk about them all. I'll try to keep it pretty brief since we have a few animals between us. (Wolfy, like most people, claim its a zoo. Until I get a tiger, its not a zoo.)

Mom's Animals:

The Big Dog:

     He's usually more like the first two pictures, even though he's like 125 pounds. The last one was because he was laying upside down. But if you fuck with us, he'll be like the last picture. And no, he wasn't like that when he gave me the concussion.

     Basically, Mom's boss had too many dogs and was giving them away to tenants. One of the tenants was actually never asked and it was their son who took him home, so he was sent back. Mom's boss refused to take him back to her house so we were supposed to watch him or take him to the no kill shelter.

     His paws were too big so they wouldn't take him. We gave him away to four different people (one of them, we gave him away twice) and he was literally back at our door within the hour every time. The last time we gave him away, it was to somebody I tried to warn her against but she didn't listen.

     He ended up being a crackhead who abused The Big Dog. He was starved, given so little room to move that he was constantly in his own bathroom, and we found a crackpipe burn between his shoulder blades. Now, he hates men, people wearing hats, anyone in the yard, trucks, motorcycles, loud vehicles, and basically anyone who is around Mom or I.

     As of April 20th, he'll be five years old this year and we'll have had him about four and a half years. He's happy and healthy now. He's a big baby for us but he'll eat anyone else. He tackles me all the time and thinks he's back to only being thirty pounds, which is hilarious because people literally hide when they see him.

The Blind One:

     The only color that she can see is red. Other than that, it has to be right up in her face. When she was born, we had a huge issue. Our outside cat had two daughters. One was Mom's and the other was a neighbor's, abandoned her. The other cat, who had been here once, ran in and gave birth when it was storming one day. The next day, Mom's cat (who we didn't even know was pregnant) came in and gave birth. One week later, the mother cat came in (who we knew had been pregnant but there was nothing we could do) and gave birth. Three cat litters at once and one cat wasn't even ours.

     Needless to say, it was impossible to keep up with all of them. We did our best to keep them all healthy and we started giving them away the second they were old enough (we looked for homes for them the second we saw the mother cat was pregnant but we had a lot more people to find after that). When we gave nearly all of them away, we finally saw that she was underweight because the others were bullying her away from food. Eventually, we gave all of them except her away, including the cats who kept getting knocked up. (Before somebody tells me we should have gotten them fixed, its literally impossible. The vets here won't fix an animal while their nursing or pregnant and they got pregnant while nursing.)

     She hates me but she's otherwise happy. She's a lazy mother fucker and is at least twenty pounds now. Somehow, she has everyone convinced that she's an angel but she attacks me whenever she gets the chance. She's actually next to me right now and I'm scared for my life.

The Little Dog:

     We actually chose to get The Little Dog. She was supposed to be mine but lots of dog treats from Mom changed that. She's insanely hyper and doesn't sit still for anything. The last picture is of her recent haircut. Or rather, just before it. We had to have her sedated before we took her because she was so insane.

     Her other nicknames include Gizmo, Dustmop, Swiffer, and basically things like that. When her fur was at its longest when she was a baby, she would run to the water bowl and then run across the kitchen. So she would drip water everywhere and run over it, back and forth constantly. She actually mopped the floors.

My Animals:

The Bunny:

     This is The Bunny. I rarely ever talk about her because there isn't too much to say. I had one bunny before her, Noel, who was a wild bunny that Mom's boss found. Its paw had been hurt with a lawn mower so they brought it to me, the only person who had time to care for her. We took her to the vet and they said that it would be better to give her to an animal rescue place because wild rabbits almost never survive in human care. Mom had already bought a cage and food and basically spent a hundred or more dollars so she was like "You've been bugging me for a rabbit since you were thirteen. Lets get you a bunny!"

     We got to the place and they had horrible living conditions for the rabbit. They tried to sell me a sick one who was probably dying. The cages were only wire and didn't really have bottoms so there was no food. No toys. The water was too high for the babies to drink. It was summer and they were kept in a barn with one fan. I wanted to turn them in but we didn't have their address. I also wanted to take all of the bunnies away but we could only afford one.

     She refuses to leave her cage now. However, she unties the band we lock her cage with and opens it (like in the last picture, that was her, not us). She'll poke her nose out but she stays inside. The cats will put their paws through the cage to pet her and she'll play with them. She's happy and healthy, even though she's not the cuddly bunny that I wanted.

The Shy Cat:

     I always wanted a black cat so when a cat had kittens, I got to keep her. She hated everyone except me, which I thought was funny. Now that's she's all grown up, though, she doesn't really like anyone. Most of the time, she hides. She'll randomly go on terrors throughout the house, jumping all over everything, but she usually just hides.

     She also has an obsession with feet. It's kind of scary. She'll run out of nowhere and tackle your feet and start rubbing her head all over them. Then if you try to move, she'll bite your toes. Not hard enough to hurt you, but more like she's trying to grab onto you and keep you there. Now, even if I wanted, I couldn't give her away because she's so terrified of people.

The Loud One:

     She is unreasonably loud. She's a kitten that we were never able to give away during one of the surprise cat pregnancies before we could get everyone fixed/give the unfixable ones away. All of her siblings got homes but nobody wanted that sweet little face. I still can't figure out why. She's small and sweet and, come on, look at her.

     Mostly, she's just as shy as The Shy One. I've been trying to go to sleep a few times and I felt the bed move and something near my face, so I would open my eyes. That literally scared her into running away and hiding. I'm making her appointment to get her fixed tomorrow, so hopefully it'll calm down her insane moments. She randomly just starts crying for absolutely no reason and nothing we can do makes anything better. Or shuts her up because she's loud enough to cause a headache.

The Kitten:

     That's the very first picture I took, right on top. The day I got her. Her full story is actually here so I'll give you a quick summery. She was brought to me at three-ish weeks old and she was starving to death. I ended up feeding her and saving her from hypothermia. Mom has trained her to know me as "Mommy" and that's pretty much what I am to her. I've never even spent the night away from her since I got her.

     Two weeks ago, she got fixed. I was a mess the entire day. Now she's okay. She's going tomorrow to get her stitches out. And she's been running around, causing trouble everywhere. Jumping on things, knocking stuff over, stealing things. I'm convinced she's holding a grudge.

The Stud Dog:

     This name fits him better than I thought it would. When I got him, I was supposed to move out within a few months. Obviously that didn't happen, but I kept him anyways, because duh. My plan was to breed him because he's a purebred and there's a lot of money in that. (As long as I'm not the one with the female he knocks up, I don't see the problem.) Now that The Little Dog is in heat (and to be fixed in a few weeks), he hasn't wanted to leave her alone.

     Now he's behaving (somewhat) and acting like a big baby. He has this thing where he will throw himself backwards and demand a bellyrub. He doesn't bark much but he growls to get attention. Mostly, he's just like "okay, sure" with everything and doesn't now how to be a dog. I think he thinks he's a cat.

In Other News:

     Ashley and I had a poll up on my blog for a while. We wanted you to decide what was better. And now we have an answer!

     I win! My answer was "I would rather be called a bitch than a whore" and I won! There will be a new poll up within ten minutes of me posting this and I hope you'll vote! I'll leave it up until the last day of February and then we'll move onto a new poll.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


      Today's post was supposed to be one for Ladies Week at Dude Write since is the first week that you don't need somebody to invite you to it. I know what I was going to write, or at least the basis of it. Today is the opening day for it and it closes on Sunday. I post on Mondays and Thursdays, so I thought I was going to be able to get the post done by today and have it ready.


     My mom's dog (The Little Dog) has gone into heat. I'll spare you the nasty details, but basically, my dog is not fixed and is now completely obsessed with her. Mom took her dog to the office with her yesterday and my dog literally cried the entire time that she was gone. Non-stop. I've only been getting naps since this entire thing started because this whole thing has resulted in dog  fights and trying to prevent The Little Dog from getting knocked up.

     My brain isn't working well enough to really get a good post up. I'm sorry, Kianwi and Wily Guy, who I told I would be joining in this time. I just can't. I won't be able to get the post done in time and still have it of good quality. However, I will be writing the post that I planned and saving it until the next time ladies are invited to post. I just won't be writing it until I've slept for more than an hour at a time.

     For all the girls who are reading this, I suggest you join in this week. For all the guys who are reading this, I suggest you join in next week. Either way, go vote for your favorites.

     Now please enjoy this conversation that I had with my boyfriend, in which my brain died for a moment:

Wolfy: Oh snap I found a flyer for a new wingers and Philly cheese steaks
Rachel: Lol you seem excited
Wolfy: Oh I am
Rachel: I've never had it
Wolfy: Which one
Rachel: Philly cheese steak. I'm not sure what "a new wings" is though.
Wolfy: Lol its not anything I said new wing and Philly cheese steak place
Rachel: Oh
Wolfy: Blond moment there
Rachel: I'm not blond
Wolfy: Its a figure of speech
Rachel: I know but its the only defense I had because I don't wanna admit to it
Wolfy: And as I recall from that baby pageant talk you were born with blond hair
Rachel: No, I was born with light brown hair. Then it fall out and grew back blond. Then it darkened until it was brown again.
Wolfy: Still blond
Wolfy: At some point
Rachel: Yeah but not anymore
Wolfy: Still a point when you were blond and that was natural
Wolfy: So hence blond moments happen a lot
Wolfy: And you're clumsy on top of it
Wolfy: I know you're thinking damn you Wolfy and that logic of yours
Rachel: Actually, it was more like "damnit Wolfy, stop that, no more using logic" but its basically the same thing
Wolfy: But you're laughing
Rachel: Yeah
Wolfy: Then its all good
Wolfy: I have a feeling I'm gonna see this conversation again on your blog xP
Rachel: Lol you might
Wolfy: If I do I'm replying I called it

P.S. He has since taken his roommate's flier and said that the food there was really good.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Super Bowler (Also Titled: Yay, I Didn't Get Arrested!)

     I'm not even sure where to begin about Saturday. It was a pretty crazy day. It was a very long day. I barely got three hours of sleep Friday night. During those three hours, I slept on my shoulder wrong and made it even more sore than it already was. Then I had to get up because Mom and I were supposed to go do something fun before I had to go to work.

     Originally, we were going to go see Lincoln (Brother was too, actually, which we thought was funny since we didn't know until the night before) but she decided that she wanted to go bowling instead. Honestly, my shoulder already hurt so I don't know why I agreed. I even told her that I was going to regret it before we even got there. That didn't stop us from going.

     We went to the bowling alley we usually go to, but they were having a kid's birthday party. There were about thirty families (meaning one or two kids, plus one adult per 'family') for that one kid. They took up the entire parking lot. Mother fuckers, if you're all going to the same place like that, just car pool. We had to wait for somebody to leave to even park. When we got inside, there were so many kids that we were in line for five minutes and them some bratty teenage girls cut in front of us. We left.

     Momma still wanted to bowl so we went to a different bowling alley. We arrived just in time to see that it was league day. Or maybe a competition. I'm not really sure but there were a bunch of professionals there. Mom and I are possibly the worst bowlers ever. She's only ever gotten one strike and I've only ever broken 100 one time.

     Just in case you don't believe me, here is some proof from when we went to the other bowling alley a few weeks ago. We played two games that day.

     I was thirsty and we hadn't eaten so we went to get food first. The arcade was right next to the food window and as we were walking up, the air hockey puck hit me in the shoe. Some guy who was probably about fifteen and his dad were playing. They were both like, "SORRY!" and I thought it was kind of funny.

     After we ordered out food, that same hockey puck came back and hit me again. I knew they weren't doing it on purpose but I wanted to mess with them a little bit. I turned around and asked, "Are you trying to hit me?" The kid looked kind of terrified until I started laughing like the horrible person I am.

     While we were waiting for our food, Mom dared me to go challenge the kid to a game since he kept hitting me by accident. I agreed but before I realized it, he was back with his family and who had to be his extremely possessive girlfriend. She was in his lap before he even finished sitting down so I decided not to even try since she had this look on her face like she would claw somebody's eyes out for even saying hi.

     We got our food and everything without any real problems after that, but we weren't able to start the game without a problem. The problem was that Mom's boss called so I ended up getting super bored since she wasn't taking her turn. Then she did and broke the lane. The lady working fixed it. Then I broke the lane.

     Mom was still on the phone during the first three turns for both of us, so I watched other people since things were going so slow. One bowling ball caught my attention. It was orange and green. When it was rolled, it made a sort of spiral and I thought it was one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Since Mom was on the phone for so long instead of just saying, "Hey, this is my personal time and I'm with my daughter, bye", I decided to dare her to get a video of that bowling ball.

     We argued for a few minutes. She told me that I should since I was the one who wanted a video of the awesome spirally (ohmygosh that's a word?) ball. I told her she should and that she owed me. I eventually won but I didn't think that she would actually do it. She did it.

     His name will now be Super Bowler. He probably thinks that we're absolutely insane. I don't blame him. His friend (I guess? they were bowling together sooo...) told him that the video would probably end up on Youtube. Mom said, "Oh, no, she has a blog that it will be going in."

     I had a little notebook in my purse that I keep for work, as well as some pens, so we went back over to our lane and I wrote down the web address to give it to him. For those of you who actually follow my blog regularly, you probably know that I never tell anyone I actually know about the blog. At least, not outside of my closest friends and my boyfriend. Even my dad doesn't know, so that was a pretty big deal for me to do.

     I gave it to him and he said that he would check it out. I promised it would be up on Monday. So today is Monday and I'm hoping that he reads it. If you're reading this, Super Bowler, I just want to tell you that you are incredibly awesome for not calling security, the police, or the guys in white coats on us. You're also incredibly awesome for letting us take the videos and for letting me post this. Thank you.

     Super Bowler told Mom and I that we looked like we could be twins. He also guessed our ages. He said I look like I'm 21 so Momma was probably 38. Very close. I was impressed. I'm 19 and she's 39. She had to ask me her age because she's been lying about it so long. Super Bowler then told us that he was in his 60's, which shocked me. I thought he was in his 40's.

     We went back to our lane again to finish the game. Mom and I also got on Twitter around that time.

     We went home not long after that because I had to get ready to go to work and Momma had stuff to get done, like laundry. Work was okay. It was very busy. The runner who I always complain about (who has now been named by Mom- RWA or Runner With Attitude) had his usual attitude. He kept making me take out super heavy trays. The server who told me that my shirt was failing its duty (who still needs a name on here) had a super heavy tray go out.

     He saw me take it out of the kitchen and asked, "Is that mine?" and I checked the table number and he said yes. Then I asked, "Hey, do you want to follow me so that I don't drop this?" He agreed and I made it about four more feet before my shoulder started to give out from hurting so much.

     He grabbed it. I tried to catch it. Then he caught it and evened it out... and took it completely away from me. "I got it. I saw it start to go down. Go set up the trayjack and I'll pass it out." I did what he said and went back into the kitchen where an even heavier tray was waiting. RWA told me to take it out and I told him that I couldn't because I would drop it. He argued with me but eventually took it out himself.

     After work was when things got bad. Mr Fix-It was driving me home. He was going about 51 in a 45 zone and a cop pulled him over. He ended up on the corner of possibly the worst street in this city (which actually leads to the one I live on- awesome, huh?). This particular street is known for drugs, arrest, hookers, violent things, illegal things, etc. They typically stay over there its not too horrible. However, going to the store across the street is pretty bad because people typically accuse me of being a hooker, even if I'm wearing jeans and a baggy shirt. (The first time it happened, I was 12, but thats a story for another time.)

     The cop opened my door and shined the flashlight into my eyes, when temporarily blinded me. He asked for the whole license and insurance thing. Mr Fix-It didn't have his license and his insurance was at home, but I gave my learner's permit. Then they went to the cop car to talk.

     The entire time, all I could think was, "Holy shit this situation looks horrible. He's going to be deported for being a dumbass and never getting his papers to be legal here. And I'm going to be arrested for being a hooker. This just sucks. I will totally call the restaurant and have my boss talk to him so they can vouch for me. I don't even look like a hooker. I'm wearing two fucking shirts." I literally thought that and watched a hooker who's ass was falling of her skirt get picked up by a car that came out of no where.

     After what felt like forever, the cop came back and told me, "He doesn't have a license. You have the closest thing to one. Figure something out." Then he left. Mr Fix-It got three tickets (speeding, no license, no insurance) that total to about 800 something dollars. But I wasn't arrested for being a female on a street that hookers use for work and he wasn't arrested or deported. I thought we made it out okay. Then I got behind the wheel.

     I'm actually a very good driver. The only time I've ever almost wrecked was when Mom was panicking and blocked my view out the window, so I didn't see a truck. She panicked and swerved the wheel towards a light post and the truck ended up turning onto an entirely different street- it never turned our way. I've never even hit a curb... until Saturday night.

     I never drove a truck before. I never drove that insanely curvy road before. I almost never drive when its dark, especially not with sucky headlights. To top it all off, his truck is so sensitive that I pressed the gas that would normally take me up to 10 mph in Mom's car and it almost went over 20. The brakes barely worked and I had to slam on them for the slightest reaction. The steering wheel was so sensitive that I could move it ever so slightly and it would try to take me on a right angle turn.

     At one point, a little frog hopped in front of me. I hit the brakes but the truck didn't even so much as slow down. I'm hoping the little frog is okay. If not, I'm a horrible person because it was just a little frog who was probably going to go eat flies and have little frog babies with its little frog spouse.

     On the bright side, I only hit two curbs (.......and possibly a little frog). I didn't kill us and I didn't get pulled over even though my driving was so horrible it looked like I was having a seizure behind the wheel. I did have a panic attack and I'm a little scared to get back in the truck with him, but its okay. Everyone has since told me that the reason nobody ever drives the truck except him is because nobody actually can.

     Then, after telling Brother about everything that had happened with the cop, he decided to tell me the ending to Lincoln which he got to go see. Thanks dude. I appreciate it.

P.S. Sissi would like to thank all of you for the happy birthday wishes you left her in the comment section of my last post. She seemed pretty excited and happy about it, which was my goal, so thank you guys for that.

P.S. #2 I have moved my videos from my Youtube account to a new one. That one will be for personal use and this one will be for blog related usage. The videos are up on the right posts and everything, so it doesn't really affected the blog. However, if you want to subscribe to me on Youtube or anything, you can do so at this link. You can also use the name Rachel WhenALionSleeps or search videos with the tag WhenALionSleeps but those would be more difficult.

P.S. #3 Super Bowler, if you did actually check this post out, please comment so I know what you think. You can click the comment link at the end of the post, write your comment, and post it. If you don't have an account, you can select "Anonymous" from the comment as choice and then just let me know that you're Super Bowler. (I thought it would be best to explain since I've had several people tell me they have no idea what to do. haha)

P.S. #4 Brother and Sissi and other people who read the blog but don't have an account or something should do that too. Comments make me happy.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pretend I Posted This Two Days Ago

     This post was actually meant for January 8th, but I didn't have internet because somebody (a certain puppy, I believe) likes to chew on things like the modem cord that provides me internet. So for the duration of this post, just pretend that its January 8th again okay? The day is very important because this is Sissi's birthday post!

     Sissi is now seventeen! Which I'm finding it hard to believe since we became friends when she was eleven. Like, what the fuck? How did that even happen? Or when did that even happen? A year from now, Sissi is going to be a legit adult and I met her before she was even a teenager. I find that completely insane.

     She likes to tell me that when we met, she looked up to me and wanted to impress me and that kind of stuff. But honestly, even though she's my little sister, I look up to her. She's insanely intelligent (if you saw her courses, you'd agree), she's crazy talented (art, writing, music, fashion, a bunch of other stuff I'm too lazy to list), she's a good person (which is a lot to ask for from people now), and she's fucking gorgeous (and I will kick any creeper's ass for asking what she looks like).

     Basically, she just needs to stop all of that. It's just not fair, Sissi. You can't have it all.

     I was going to include a list of random inside jokes but I can't do that without sounding like a complete psychopath. I'll admit we're not exactly sane but we're not psychopaths. Most likely. We do get a little psycho when there are a large crazy bugs in random places and start screaming and/or killing the large crazy bugs.

     So I'm just going to leave you all with a question that we used to ask everyone about a year after we became friends. Please answer in the comments below, for Sissi's birthday, because I think she'll laugh.

     Do you like dark chocolate?

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Kitten Had Surgery

     This isn't going to be a long post because I have gotten one hour-ish of broken sleep since yesterday. That gives me an excuse for anything that is incoherent, stupid, misspelled, or anything like that. So no laughing at me.

     Warning. The next paragraph is gross. You may not want to read it if you're eating, about to eat, or just don't like gross things in general. Proceed at your own risk.

     Basically, when The Kitten went into heat and it lasted for six weeks. I should know since that was six weeks of swapping out my two blankets to be washed since she was bleeding everywhere. It almost stopped for about two weeks and then she was suddenly to the point, I literally used the mop to mop up blood. It looked like a crime scene. We always knew she would have to be fixed but it was never a big rush, until then.

     Okay. It should be safe to read from here on out.

     Lately, I haven't been able to fall asleep until early morning hours. Even worse than usual. I can lay down for two or three hours and still not be able to sleep. I had to have her at the vet around 7:30 this morning so I decided, that I just wouldn't sleep. There are two reasons for this.

     Reason number one, getting one or two hours sleep and then waking up makes me feel groggy and sick and gives me a headache. It also makes me a cranky bitch. I didn't really want to go through that and it seemed easier to just stay awake.

     Reason number two, by staying awake I would be so exhausted tonight that I should be able to fall asleep at a decent time. Maybe that will force me onto a decent sleeping schedule and I can kill two birds with one stone.

     We dropped The Kitten off and The Little Dog went with us since she was going to the groomers next. The dog was so hyper that she got two shots in the ass so that she would be able to be groomed. She ended up with her tongue hanging out of her mouth, her eyes bugged out, and totally snoring.

     The Kitten was terrified and I hated leaving her, but we did. It drove me crazy all day, not knowing what was happening. When was she being put in surgery? When was she being cut open? When would she wake up? When could I take her home?

     I hung out with Momma at her office all day in an attempt to stay awake. I lasted until about one and then I fell asleep with my head on her desk. I remember her bugging me and trying to wake me up but all that did was make me try to curl up in the chair. Then we left at two and I could barely stay awake in the car.

     We picked up The Kitten about an hour ago (at four). She is completely stoned right now from a shot and seems to be pretty okay with whatever happens. No food or water until 8 tonight and then, we can only test her. If she throws up, no food until tomorrow. She has pain medication to be given twice a day, by crushing it up in her food and not giving her anything else until she eats it. She has to spend the next 5 days in her cage to keep the other animals away from her and to keep her from stretching or otherwise moving too much. In two weeks, she gets her stitches out.

     I'll probably continue posting random updates on Twitter so you may or may not want to pay any attention to me for the next few days. (If you do, its @whenalionsleeps.)

     Now I'm going to try to stay awake for at least another five hours so that it will be a decent sleep time. Most likely, Momma will come take my earbuds out of my ears from whatever Youtube video I'm watching.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

My 2013 Goals

     I don't make New Years resolutions because I don't believe that they work for most people. Sometimes they do so I'm not really against them. However, I don't believe they work for me. Goals work for me. On Monday, I posted the winner of my contest. Brett Minor and Kianwi both get to pick two topics for me to write about, since I felt bad that they did not with the venus fly trap contest.

     This is what Brett said:
"I have a topic for you.

I am not big on New Year's Resolution, however, I do like to set goals for myself. Goals help to keep me on track to pursue something I want. Entering into this new year, what are some things you would like to accomplish this year?

Be realistic, but ambitious."

     This is actually one of the posts I'm really excited to write about. I've mentioned things that I want to do before but I've never really mentioned all of my goals. Or that many of my goals, honestly, so I guess its time to do that now.

  • I want to get my highschool diploma from my online school this year. It has been a struggle to do without a good printer and without having anyone who can help me with math. But I am determined to get it before the year is out.
  • When getting my highschool diploma, I am absolutely determined to keep the 4.0 GPA that I have now. I may not be able to be proud of graduating with a class or having all sorts of highschool memories, but damnit, I'm going to be proud of my grades.
  • I will move out of my mom's house sometime this year. Along with my three cats, my rabbit, and my puppy.
  • On that note, I will be financially independent this year. I absolutely refuse to be like some people in my family who live off of each other and take each other's money.
  • I will finally get my driver's license. I have my permit now but I'm going to be able to drive on my own so I won't have to rely on people for rides anymore.
  • I will donate at least 10 inches of hair to Locks of Love. I already have plans in motion for this but I'll write about that when I do the first step, probably sometime later this month.
  • I will look into charity work and donate at least one day a week of my time to a good cause. I'm open to suggestions for what kind of charity work to do.
  • I will make a page with a complete list of things that I have to do before opening the daycare. Mostly because it will make it easier to update people on my progress, but also because it will help me keep up with my progress.
  • On that list, I will cross at least two different things off of it at some point this year. I would like to make that number higher than two, but I have to be realistic with money.
  • I will try my best not to get another concussion because as I learned in 2012, they really really suck. My head is actually still very sensitive. I've bumped it a few times and with the way it affected me, I was scared I would have to go back to the doctor. No more of that, please.
  • At the end of this year, I will write a post complete with full updates on everything that I have completed this year.

     Nothing too exciting, honestly, but its all things that will make me proud of myself. I'll probably randomly include updates of my progress but as I said, I'll do a post at the end of this year for the goals that I've completed. I hope that I will complete all of the goals.

     Brett, you still have one more topic to pick for me to write about. Kianwi, you still have two topics to pick. Neither of you have to do it now; I just wanted to remind you both before I forget.

     Happy New Years, everyone! (Even though that's a couple days late in saying, oops.)