Sunday, May 25, 2014

Seriously, Stop Texting Me

     I have done my first ever guest post on Janie Junebug's blog, for her series Bully For You. It will be up Monday right here. It would mean a lot if you would check it out. I've talked about how I was bullied before but I've since gained a lot of new readers who would probably rather click a link than dig through my archives. Not to mention, bringing awareness to how bad bullying is, will save lives. Not "can", not "might". It will save lives to let the bullied know that they have a place to turn, that they are not alone, and that things will get better. (Plus, Janie is an amazing woman with a great sense of humor so you should follow her anyways.)

     Updated: The guest post is at this link right here. The link says, "CLICK MEEE!" It will open in a new window, so you can read whichever post you want first and then go right to the next. (Yes, I really want you to read that post, please.)

     Now, onto the funny!

     This happened earlier this week.

     You can tell it's not planned because I used my mother's name, knowing I can't edit it from a screenshot without cropping it out (like I did to the woman's phone number).

     My mom gave me permission to use this in a blog because it just wrote itself. She also said, "I wonder if he works at Little Ceaser's Pizza where it's done by the time you get there?" and told me to text back to ask.

     Then I said, "She got pretty mad. I wonder why she didn't yell at me for cursing at her." Mom replied with, "She told her kid that Quickie Dickie is her father and allows her to call him that. I'm not sure she's too worried about language. Maybe that's why they adopted though."

Friday, May 16, 2014

New Phone

     I got a new phone the other day. It's an upgrade from the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 4S. It's causing a lot of shit.

     My 3G is two years old now. When the phone came out, it was fantastic, possibly the best phone on the market at that time. But by the time I got it, it was being sold for $1 with a contract upgrade. Why? It was out of date, out of parts to be fixed, and had been sitting on a shelf for who knows how long.

     When I got it, it wouldn't even vibrate. Nothing could be done about that though, so I dealt with it. Within six months, apps were shutting themselves off. Mom's phone completely crashed and we had to go to the store to have them reset it and turn it on. Three times. Our battery life gradually got shorter. Mom couldn't even use her phone for an hour by the year and a half mark without her phone being dead. Mine lasted roughly two to four hours. Then mine deleted my contacts three times and started shutting itself off. It also deleted the phone number countless times and I had to set it back up. But nothing could be done to fix if because it was too out of date.

     "Then why didn't you get the new one so this wouldn't happen again?"

     Because my grandma wouldn't give me two more weeks to save my tip money and buy it myself. She wouldn't give me two weeks to save up money to get a new phone and switch to Wolfy's plan.


     "Because the 4S is great! I'm giving mine to your Grandpa and you and your momma are both getting new ones. I'm going to go to the 5C now!"

      Of course the 4S was great. You got it brand new when it first came out. If it's so great now then why are you upgrading? Why not just stick to the phone that you love so much?

     When I went to upgrade it, the asshole at the store wouldn't even do it. He said I wasn't allowed despite having all of the information I needed for the account because my name wasn't on it. It wasn't a problem two years ago when we first did it and it wasn't a problem two weeks ago when my mom did it. He was such a dick, that my grandma called his manager and customer service to complain. Customer service called me and did it themselves but there was no way to transfer anything over. It took almost my entire day off just to get the stupid thing switched over.

     "Use Bluetooth and iCloud!"

     Did I stutter? It's not working. Neither are transferring any information or will even activate on the 3G now that there's no service. Even with the wifi.

     I had to transfer all the phone numbers manually. Then it automatically synced with the Facebook app and now I have 3 people who I can't delete from my contacts. It won't even let me alter their names. And? It deleted a phone number of one of my good friends. It saved her email address but deleted her phone number. I know it was there because I typed it in myself. I just had to email her to tell her.

     And. Yes, there is another and. I had to enter my password to the email app 3 times because it kept changing/deleting it so that I wasn't able to access my email at all last night.

     It's been two days and I want to throw this shit at a wall. Imagine how much I'm going to hate this phone when the contract runs out in two years. I should have bet every single person that said its a great phone and they have a family member who loves it.

     Of course they do. If was new and top of the line when they got it like two years ago.

     Seriously, if I would have bet people about this, I would have enough money to buy an actual new phone.