Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Surprise?

     Remember how I said every other Monday would be a new style of post? Well, here it is.

     I realized basically all my written posts ended up like, "Hey, I'm not dead yet, here's a weird thing that happened" because I didn't have time to write anything else. And it felt weird to do super important or thoughtful posts when I was disappearing for weeks on end.

     So I decided to vlog, cut it together with an app, and post it here? We'll see how this goes.

     I expect only the nicest comments because it took me an HOUR to find the video on YouTube so that I could use it. The blog email and the YouTube email aren't the same, nor are they connected. It took me longer to find the damn thing than it did to make it, cut it together, save it, and upload it. Combined.

Monday, January 5, 2015


     I'm not sure if I've ever told y'all about breaking into my neighbor's house once. It was a few years ago. She was going to come over and hang out with my mom and I. Well, she had to go somewhere. My mom realized that she had not locked her doors.

     "You should go to her house and get her Maddog so we're ready. We'll have it waiting for her." Momma said.

     "You want me to break and enter?" I asked.

     My mom shrugged. "Don't be a wimp. It's a joke."

     That's how I ended up being peer-pressured by my mother into breaking into my neighbor's house and technically stealing her alcohol. The neighbor thought it was hilarious.

     Today, I went grocery shopping at Wolfy's store and he was going to just drive us home once he clocked out. I got the keys from him and went to put everything in the trunk while waiting on him to be off.

     I got everything into the trunk and put the cart away. Then I went back to the shiny new black car. The shiny brand new 2015 car he worked his ass off to get.

     I opened the passenger's side and the seat was surprised by how much stuff was in it. I started moving the mail and the newspaper and the food container.

     "Since when do we have this food container?" I wondered.

     I tossed everything into the backseat.

     "Since when did he use a case for his sunglasses?" I wondered.

     Something seemed weird to me and I saw an ID in the consol. I picked it up and saw the smiling face of a guy I had never seen. I put the ID back and closed the door. I walked to the other black car, one space over and opposite of the car.

     I tried the trunk. It opened and all of our stuff was inside.

     "Oh my God."

      If you know anything about me, know that I have not said that phrase in years. I never use that phrase because even though I curse, some things just seem inappropriate and wrong. I think it was the shock.

     "I just broke into a car." I said. "I just broke into a car and it wasn't even my mom's fault."

     I have learned two things:

1) That guy needs to lock his fucking doors.

2) I should always have a paper and pen ready so I can apologize if I accidentally break into a car and also tell them to lock their fucking doors.

My 2015 Goals

     It's become tradition to write my goals here for everyone to see. Last year, I wrote this post. I don't really do new years resolutions. I would much rather set goals for myself that I believe that I can complete. I'll post last year's goals here in purple and I'll post this year's updates on them in green. Then I'll post my goals for this year.

  • Get my diploma.     I'm so very close to this one. I have three math courses left. The amazing Tina was helping me with those until she passed away and until I have another math teacher, I'm sort of at a standstill. But that does not mean that I'm giving up. Progress, by a landslide, but not a success yet.
  • Get my GPA as high as possible, since a 4.0 is out of the question.     I currently have a 3.8 I believe. Damn geography messed me up on that one. I'm surprised it wasn't math, though, but that just shows how good of a teacher Tina was. This can be a half pass.
  • Get a job, preferably in a daycare.     I've had two jobs since I wrote this. One at a steakhouse where the management treated me like shit. One in retail. I've since become supervisor and I'm very close to being assistant manager. I'm much happier in this job than I imagined and I'm no longer sure I want to work in a daycare. I'm going to consider this as my first real success on my list.
  • Find somebody that I can afford and trust to do my hair so history doesn't repeat itself.     Mostly, yes. I found a place who I can afford and I like from the first time that I got my hair done there. I can't say they won my trust 100% but they're certainly working on it. I'm gonna count this as another success.
  • Find that one charity where I can write emails and donate my time there.     I did find it, finally. I was looking for an American charity or a worldwide one, but this one is specifically in the UK. Basically, you write letters or emails to make sick kids happy. You can find out more here.
  • Cross two things off my daycare list.     I'm no longer sure that's what I want to do so I think I'll be removing that for now.
  • Still don't get another concussion because ouchy.     Whoops. This is a fail. I whacked my head on a shelf at work, by standing up. I almost broke the glass and the customers freaked out. No hospital required because it wasn't as bad as that one time my dog jumped on my head, but it was still pretty ouchy for about a week.
  • Write more poetry.     I've written some, not as much as I planned though. I am happy to say that what I have written, I have been more proud of than anything else I have written before. I think I can count this as a half pass.
  • Start posting twice a week instead of just once.     Fuck. I forgot this one was on here. My bad. Maybe next year?
  • Care more about my content and what you're interested in reading about.     I feel like I do. I think that's one of the reasons that I post less. I want to write more important things and I want to make somebody feel inspired or humored or just good about what I say. I don't know what your opinion is but I feel like I care more, so this is a success.
  • Complete both the A-Z Challenge and the NaBloPoMo Challenge.     To be fair, I forgot it was November until it was like the tenth of the month. Another half pass?
  • Don't buy any more nail polish until I use what I have because I have waaaay too many.     I only bought like five and one was for Halloween! I know this should be a fail, but for me, that is a serious accomplishment. I fucking love all the pretty colors I can make my nails. This is gonna be a half pass.
  • Don't let family drama effect me so much, when I'm not even apart of their lives.     I think I did better with this one than I have in a long time. I was seriously effected by a call from my dad's mother, bitching me out on voicemail for not contacting her when I haven't even had her phone number in going on a year. But I didn't let it break me. This is a pass.
  • Write an update next year about all of these goals.     Why do I feel like this is the only one I seriously passed?

     I really hope I can do better this upcoming year.

  • Highschool diploma. Seriously. I need to get that shit done.
  • No more concussions, please.
  • Every other Monday will be Tough Topics, on the opposite Mondays will be a surprise style of posts once I figure that out, and then Thursdays will be up to ya'll. What kind of posts do you want to see? (See, I do care. But you need to answer.)
  • Hold at least two contests on here and give away badass prizes, because it makes me happy.
  • A-Z Challenge and NaBloPoMo. For real.
  • Try to be more positive, since we all know I'm negative and angsty. (Still not as bad as when I was 15 though.)
  • Stop saying things like "I'm starving" and "Ugh, I don't wanna work today" because no, I have plenty to eat, and I am extremely thankful to have such a great job.
  • Start driving again, since I haven't driven since before I moved here.
  • Get my own car. It doesn't have to be super awesome, but it needs to get me from Point A to Point B and back without issue.
  • Bring my cat from Alabama because I miss that mean little thing.
  • Start writing more. It doesn't matter what. I just need to write more.
  • Be more patient. This may be a work in progress.

     Wish me luck.

     Happy New Years!