Monday, September 1, 2014

Well, Fuck

     It's like the third week of my Tough Topics series and it was supposed to be up today.

     It's not going to be up today.

     I've worked every day since August 13th and I'm not off until September 6th, as per my request for my boyfriend's birthday. Somebody count how many days that is for me please.

     I do not have the energy to write a well thought out, meaningful post at the moment. Tomorrow, I work in the morning and have some stuff to do after that, but I plan to write the post after that. I don't even know what the topic will be. Feel free to suggest something and we'll pick it back up here tomorrow.

     I hope ya'll had a good Labor Day. My cousin had her baby today so she really had a Labor Day. I'm not even sorry for the pun. THAT is how tired I am.

     Good night. Please send caffeine.