Saturday, April 19, 2014

Q is for Quiet

     Oh, look! Another post from Mercedes' choice!

     I've found that there are a couple types of people in this world. The first thrives in chaos, the second in quiet, and the third can fit into either category.

     When somebody thrives in chaos, they can work at a fast speed and either have a lot of energy or spend a lot of money on caffeine. They can usually work in a mess without any real issue because they still know where everything is. They tend to be people who always need to do something.

     When somebody thrives in the quiet, they thrive in peaceful situations. If they're working, they need to be absolutely focused on what's going on and things tend to be more well thought out, because they think things through at a slower pace before acting. They work much better in office jobs where it's usually calmer and more organized.

     Then you have the combination. They usually work at a fast pace with loud music blaring but if something is out of place, then they lose the sort of groove they had worked themself into. Once they lose it and lose their pace, it's not usually easy to get back and then they need a quiet background but their speed is hectic.

     But regardless of which personality you have, everyone needs some quiet now and then. Some people like to avoid it because it keeps their minds away from things they don't want to consider. Other people like to think about those things until they can work out a solution. Either way, you can't run from those thoughts forever. Sooner or later, either you'll burn out and crash or you'll run out of things to do. 

     When something is wrong, take time. Think about it. Talk about it. Breath. Know that you are not alone and that things will be better, but relax. Tomorrow is another day and ask yourself, will it matter in a year or in ten? If it will, it might be important to seek professional help. If it won't, be confident in that knowledge and just enjoy the peace and quiet. Take time for yourself and enjoy a bath or a good book or a fancy dinner for one. You deserve it.

P.S. I wasn't expecting the post to turn out like this, but I like it.