Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Big News

     No, I'm not pregnant. But I'm sure that's what 99% of you thought when I announced that I had big news...

     I actually have several big news things!

     The first thing is that my boyfriend and I will be moving apartments, away from horrible Roommate! Our new apartment will be a one bedroom with all new appliances, on the second floor (instead of the third that we currently live on).

     The move in date is set at the end of August and I'm beyond excited, but that leads me to my next news.

     Also in August, I will be taking my first vacation since moving out! I'll be going to see my grandparents in Texas, right before the moving date. I haven't seen them in six years so I'm pretty excited about it, though I will probably not be online much at all while there (but will get pictures to share).

     On my final big news, that is actually child related... I'm going to be a Godmother!

     I, for uncontrollable reasons I don't care to discuss, wasn't able to get to know my dad's sisters as I was growing up. They recently came back into my life and for the first time, I have aunts as a part of my life and it makes me beyond happy. One of those aunts is expecting her third child in roughly a month and she's already asked if I would accept the honor of being Godmother (with full legal paperwork and everything).

     I said yes and promptly spent all of my money, sending my unborn Godson as many gifts as I could think of.

     For about two weeks, I was tagged in a new photo on Facebook every day with her thanking me for all the stuff I sent. Then I ran out of spending money and decided that I should probably pay rent and also eat food so I stopped sending stuff...for now. I still have carts full of stuff ready to be paid for online to send. It could actually be a problem. Somebody set up an intervention.

     So, what's going on in your lives?

     Also, I need a super cool nickname for my Godson here. Because as much as I love saying "my Godson", I want it to be a more unique name in case (if I am so blessed) I were to be given that honor a second time.

Friday, June 26, 2015


     In case you haven't heard...

     Gay marriage is now legal in the United States.

     I'm so proud.

     I'm gonna go buy something rainbow and wear it to work today so I can tell everyone who comments on it.

     While we celebrate, let's not forget that this was a huge milestone, but we still have many more to go before everyone is treated the same. Let's keep fighting for equal rights for all.