Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A is for Adventures

     I have a collection of pictures from random adventures that I've had.

I just happened to see this when I was going home and had to stop to take a picture.
Yes, that IS a shopping cart balanced on a mailbox.

I didn't see any college attendees, hunks, or movers. I feel lied to.

I took myself to IHOP and ordered hot chocolate...
and the server made it totally fucking awesome.

Super old copy of a book. I bought a newer version because I was scared I would damage it while reading it.

I need readers help:
Is this a sequel to Interview With A Vampire?

I ordered a smoothie and the guy went to the back to make it.
You do not understand my temptation to help myself to all the candies.

I went to a different book store with a friend and we opened a book to find this.
It made me happy.

Then we opened a different book to find this.
She took it out but then we realized it's a sort of alarm because alllll the books had it.

I just took a picture of this because I really want to read it.
I'm willing to accept gifts.

I was with the same friend. We both took pictures of our drinks because they were amazing.
And also extremely confusing to order.
We had to ask for help on the menu.